5 Reasons Why The 2023 kia EV6 GT is the coolest, most powerful compact kia EV ever


A super-performance all-electric little sportster…packing 576 horsepower…yes, 576 horsepower!

Wow! South Korea’s 2023 Kia EV6 GT promises to be a true performance beast — featuring 576 hp of total power and 546 lb.-ft. of total torque! The EV6 GT (not to be confused with the EV6 GT models) follows the successful Stinger GT. While the internal combustion engine’s days may be numbered…the EV6-GT proves without a doubt that an EV can be just as much fun!

1. Stunning “electric fireball”

The 2023 Kia EV6 GT is no ordinary EV6. It is far more aggressive with unique bumper designs, exclusive 21-inch alloy wheels, sport-tuned neon brake calipers, and a cool rear diffuser. Kia hasn’t yet announced pricing for the GT, but we anticipate it will start at over $60,000 (yup, it’s a pricey little devil!) given that a GT-Line costs $57,695. It will arrive at U.S. dealerships in the fourth quarter of this year.

2. Advanced chassis and component engineering

Kia has stiffened the EV6′ chassis to improve the steering response and precision, reducing the steering ratio. GT uses a dedicated sport suspension with electronically controlled dampers and unique front suspension performance components. Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (e-LSD) for offering more traction and stability when cornering is also exclusive to the GT variant.

3. Sweet interior

The interior of the 2023 Kia EV6 GT has several unique touches to be more driver-friendly and maintain the sportier theme set by the exterior. Suede-trimmed, deeply bolstered bucket seats instill confidence during spirited driving. Metal inserts carrying GT inscription, green piping, and a striped motif on the upper fascia and front center armrest are the other visual highlights on the inside.

4. What?…576 hp of total power?….

The 2023 Kia EV6 GT is the brand’s most powerful production car. Two motors, a 160 kW unit to spin the front wheels and a 270 kW unit to turn the rear wheels, deliver 576 hp of total power and 546 lb.-ft. of total torque. The electronic-Limited Slip Differential (e-LSD) improves traction and stability while cornering. The bad news: the range estimate is just 206 miles, a significant drop compared with its less powerful family members.

A 0-60 mph sprint in the Kia EV6 GT takes just 3.4 seconds, and the top speed is 161 mph. The new high-performance EV from Kia out-paced the Ferrari Roma and Lamborghini Huracan Evo supercars in a 0-60 mph acceleration test conducted by independent automotive research firm AMCI Testing. Kia equips the EV6 GT with Z-rated Goodyear Eagle F1 tires and larger ventilated front (15-inch) and rear (14.2 -inch) disc brakes with monoblock calipers as standard.

5. Exclusive technologies

In addition to the familiar Eco, Normal, and Sport drive modes, Kia offers GT Drive Mode, My Drive Mode, and Drift Mode in the 2023 EV6 GT. GT Drive Mode mode automatically puts the motors, brakes, steering, suspension, e-LSD, and ESC into their most dynamic settings. Of course, drivers can customize the functioning of each of these systems. Drivers can access GT Drive Mode via a paddle behind the steering wheel.

My Drive Mode is to customize the settings as per individual preferences. The Drift Mode allows controlling the driving experience even more. The driver can adjust how much power goes to the rear wheels using this mode. The Active Sound Design feature includes two additional sounds unique to the GT variant.



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