Meet The Hopium Machina: A Fantastic, Heart-Stopping Hydrogen Car!


The Dark Warrior: 620 miles from a single tank of hydrogen, with a full refuel taking less than three minutes!

The EV market, fueled by the success of Tesla and the growing adoption of electric vehicles worldwide, more new brands are emerging in the automotive world offering innovative and different products. In France, the young pilot Olivier Lombard recently presented the Machina Alpha 0.

In October 2020, Hopium presented with great fanfare its first hydrogen prototype and opened the pre-order book for its sedan. ”It was a real tour de force,” said Lombard, “There was no hydrogen vehicle that interested me, so I was like ‘there is something to do.” Lombard, by the way, was the youngest winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He believes that the experience acquired in the race has enabled him to have ”credibility with regard to this technology“. With this vehicle, it targets Tesla buyers of course, but also enthusiasts of new technologies. ” I would also like us to be able to impact the younger generations who will be the future buyers of this type of technology”.

Hydrogen, a sustainable solution for Hopium

For me, electricity is a transitional technology. While hydrogen is a long-lasting solution for the future,” says Lombard. ”Hopium wants to pave the way in terms of mobility and then democratize this technology which allows to have super performance. »He assures. Its 4-seater GT, designed by Felix Godard, a former Tesla and Porsche company, delivers 500 hp and is capable of traveling 1,000 km. It would take no more than 3 minutes to fill up with hydrogen. As long as you find a pump! To this day, they are still very rare with around thirty installations (only!) On the national territory.

The revolutionary high-end Hopium hydrogen saloon is claimed to offer up to 620 miles of a range from a single tank of hydrogen, with a full refuel taking less than three minutes using a hydrogen pump, where the technology and fueling infrastructure exist.

According to initial information just released by HMC, the Māchina will produce in excess of 507 HP with power from an electric block, powered by a fuel cell. Lombard says the vehicles will be available for most world markets for 2025.


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