Team Ferrari Reveals Latest Upgrades For Upcoming Miami Grand Prix


Ferrari Readies for the unique Miami Grand Prix Autodrome

For the upcoming Miami Grand Prix, Ferrari has brought along some surprises — they’ll introduce some new parts for their run in the upcoming Miami Grand Prix. Team principal Mattia Binotto says there will be some components that are specific to the new Miami International Autodrome but bigger updates will be a race or two later.

“We will not have the main one in Miami but we will still have a few parts on the car,” Binotto said. “Because Miami is a high-speed circuit compared to the ones we have had so far, so certainly in terms of downforce, we will run something different compared to what we had. “We are quite confident, it’s quite an efficient one but we know as well Red Bull have got a good medium [to] low downforce package as well. They will be competitive.

Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades that Scuderia Ferrari will bring along for the Miami Grand Prix.


Ferrari and Miami

The inaugural Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix will be hosted at the Miami International Autodrome in Miami Gardens, Florida, located around the Hard Rock Stadium, famously known for being the home of the Miami Dolphins. The occasion marks the start of a special partnership that has the potential to see Ferrari Trento become the sparkling toast of some of the city’s most important sporting events.

It will be a completely new track, a new challenge, quite interesting, pretty curious to be there. We will adapt our car in terms of downforce levels as I said which is important. “We are still working on the porpoising which is still quite visible we’ve got it, certainly more than the Red Bull and in there, there’s still some performance potential that we need to try and get. These are the main ones for Miami but the main upgrades will come soon after.”

Miami’s long straights will put an emphasis on power unit performance, but Binotto believes it is a fairly even battle on that front between Ferrari and Red Bull.

“It’s true they had good speed once again at Imola. It was very difficult for us, or impossible to pass without the DRS situation. The fact that we have got more clipping, that’s a compromise which is a choice we made in terms of design. We still believe that our one is the right choice or the good choice.

“Yes the power unit is certainly competitive and Red Bull have got a good engine – as I think we have – but overall it’s very balanced between the two.”


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