2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB SUV: The All-Electric Update To A Classic Design


The EQB SUV is an Electric Version of The GLB-Class — Loyal To Legendary Mercedes Design (and it seats 7).

Mercedes does not have to show off. And, frankly, we’re glad to see it because we like the classic MB look. So the black panel that covers the front end grille area, and blue highlights on the wheels — along with a few other minor design features, are the only clues to the EQB’s EV status. It’s just a clean, beautiful vehicle — a sophisticated EV for sure, but more importantly, it’s a Mercedes. With a starting price of $53,395, it’s not wildly out of the price range of the average Mercedes-Benz buyer. In fact, overall we think that it’s a reasonably good value.

It’s Unmistakably A Mercedes…

While automakers are redefining and re-imagining the look of their EV models, the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB is a just a short stone’s throw from its gas-burning cousin. This EV is ideal for EV newcomers — a perfect transition to the electric world, based on the squared-off styling of the GLB-class SUV that has become one of MB’s most successful models. The entry-level model is the EQB250+ that features a 188-hp electric motor and is front-wheel drive. Stepping up to the EQB300 unlocks all-wheel drive and a slightly more powerful 225-hp electric powertrain.

The Cockpit is A Flight Deck

Its cabin is nearly as spacious and practical as in the GLB, although the battery pack does eat into some of the cargo area. The EQB’s infotainment system and controls are also identical to those in the GLB. Okay, it’s all-electric range isn’t quite as good—the maximum estimate is just 250 miles per charge—so EQB owners will find themselves hitting chargers more often than their neighbors driving the GLB will find themselves stopping at gas stations. Other than that, the experience is intended to require a low effort, and that’s where the 2023 EQB succeeds.

The standard MB Navigation features Electric Intelligence to help maximize range and minimize range anxiety. It can help you choose a more efficient route, help the drivetrain adapt to traffic and terrain, and even prepare the battery for speedier charging stop


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