Coming Soon: The Compact, Fully-Electric Super-Cute Honda ‘e’


Honda’s Perfect Little “SuperMini” Electric: The “e”

The Honda e is a battery electric supermini, first available in the European and Japanese markets in 2020, based on the Urban EV Concept seen at the 2017 International Motor Show Germany in September. The production version was unveiled at the same show in 2019. Unlike the layout of the Urban EV Concept, which was a 3-door hatchback, the production version is available only as a 5-door model. Its name was confirmed by Honda in May 2019. The vehicle is styled with a retro look reminiscent of the first-generation Civic. Honda’s stated goal is to solely offer electrified powertrains in all of its mainstream European models by 2022.

The e features an electric motor at the rear, offering a power output of either 134 or 152 hp; both offer 232 lb⋅ft of torque — with acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 8.3 seconds. The e offers a ‘Sport Mode’ to sharpen acceleration response and can be driven in ‘Single Pedal Control’ mode, where releasing the accelerator will engage the regenerative braking system, slowing the car without using a separate brake pedal.

A 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is claimed to offer a range of around 140 miles as per Honda internal data The e is equipped with a CCS Combo 2 connector, enabling both AC charging and DC fast charging. With DC fast charging, the car can be charged to 80% capacity in 30 minutes. Honda has also announced the pending availability of its Power Charger, which allows a charging power of up to 7.4 kW (single-phase). Three-phase charging (22 kW) is not available. With a 7.4 kW charger, the vehicle will charge to 100% capacity in approximately 4 hours.

The instrument panel, which extends the full width of the interior, consists of five screens, including one dedicated 8.8 in (220 mm) instrument display in front of the driver and two large 12.3 in (310 mm) infotainment touchscreen displays flanked by two smaller 6 in (150 mm) displays for what Honda calls its Side Camera Mirror System.The dual infotainment displays can independently run separate applications and are swappable; they support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay The car is equipped with the Honda Personal Assistant, which uses machine learning to train its voice recognition; voice commands to the car are prefixed with “OK Honda”.



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