US Bank Sues Lehman Hyundai Subaru

0 is reporting that U.S. Bank has sued Lehman Hyundai Subaru, Inc. for alleged breach of contract.  (Read the story.) Here's just a portion of the filed complaint: B. The Ferrarini Transaction. 9. On or about...

Carchella Sued by Coachella

Carchella is coming to Miami this December at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  It's promoted as "One of the biggest Car Shows of the year… Celebrity Cars, Exotic cars, old-school cars, amusement rides, carnival...

Congress mandate: New cars must include “sober driver only” technology by 2026

Can technology eliminate drunk driving? Congress says 'it must." Congress is getting serious, they've issued a tough mandate: "You've got five years to develop anti-drunk driving technology and implement it in every new car made." Congress...

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