Congress mandate: New cars must include “sober driver only” technology by 2026

Can technology eliminate drunk driving? Congress says 'it must." Congress is getting serious, they've issued a tough mandate: "You've got five years to develop anti-drunk driving technology and implement it in every new car made." Congress...

Carros…A Cuban Cars Story

Life in Cuba isn't the same as here in Miami.  YouTuber, Alec Castillo, created this short animation and applying Pixar style animation art from the Movie "Cars" to the current situation in Cuba. What do...

Manny Diaz Jr. Wants Immediate Changes to Palmetto Express Lanes

In an interview with Univision 23, Florida State Senator, Manny Diaz, Jr. addressed the concerns the new Express Lanes along the Palmetto has created a traffic disaster along the Hialeah portion of the 826...

Palmetto Express Lanes Traffic Disaster

The new Hialeah Bypass Lanes, also known as the Palmetto Express Lanes are a disaster to the local traffic. Let's get straight to the problems: Traffic in the "regular lanes" is now far worse due...

New Legislation Could Repeal MDX

Florida State House Representative Bryan Avila and Florida Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. file legislation that would repeal the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. According to a post made by representative Bryan Avila on Twitter, "The bill repeals...
License Plate Reader in Miami Springs

Vehicle Surveillance Leads to Local Lawsuit

Your car is under surveillance. As you drive throughout South Florida, your car's license plate is being recorded.  Where you're driving and when you're driving is being recorded by the police.  A variety of local...

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