Florida’s 5 Largest Multi-Car Crashes Since 2000

Florida's Top 5 Pile-up Crashes Since 2000 Florida has earned the reputation for being notorious for bad drivers -- ranking next-to-worst in the U.S. for distracted drivers. In fact, some of the worst car accidents...

The Genesis Electrified G80: Gracefully Going Full-EV.

Korean automaker Hyundai has chosen its Genesis G80 to go electric. And they've kept the same gorgeous styling and performance. From a virtual standing start, Genesis has announced the Electrified G80 -- and while many...

The Corvette Turns 70 and Throws Itself A Party.

0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds The Corvette 70th Anniversary Edition is set for delivery next year to the streets of Miami. The limited edition package marks 70 years of the iconic sports car. The...

Volvo’s VNR Trucks: 85% increased range and faster charging

Volvo Trucks is paving the way for all-electric trucks around the world. They now launch an enhanced version of its Volvo VNR Electric with up to 85% increased range and faster charging. The first generation...

Update: 2021’s Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles: An Unprecedented Top 5

  Interestingly (and a rather rare occurrence), as we close 2021, the latest annual sales figures show SUVs and Pickups elbowing out traditional winners like the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry. While the mighty Ford...

Used Car Price Increases Are Staggering. The Average Price Will Shock You.

We're paying more for, well...everything. But the pricetags on the windshields of used cars have gone insane. If you've shopped for that black 2017 Ford F-150 with an extended bed, or a well-maintained,  economical...

Hyundai Mobis Peeks Into The Future At 2022 CES®

Mobility for tomorrow CES attendees experienced a metaverse environment immersing them into a vision for the future of mobility. CES 2022 was a wonderland of vehicle technology, with emphasis on systems and module innovations that will...

FHP Police Chase Through North Miami

Crazy video shows a wild police chase ending in a head on collision between a Honda CRV and Florida Highway Patrol.  The incident occurred on May 7, 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L3sl9942-Y  

Tesla Crushes It, Delivering A Record 936,172 Vehicles In A Chaotic 2021.

Nearly a million Tesla EVs in 2021. Overall, 2021 was a challenging year for the auto industry. Chip shortages, supply chain disruptions, COVID... But for Tesla it was a good year...a very good year. The company...

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