Rise to the Challenge


They amaze us with their athletic ability.

They inspire us with their commitment to break through mobility barriers.

And they teach us all what it means to have the freedom to move.

But many Paralympic hopefuls never reach the pinnacle of their sports – not due to physical limitations, but because of crushing financial burdens.

“Having a disability is really expensive, even without competing in sports,” says Amy Purdy, Team Toyota athlete and two-time Paralympian. “Sometimes you need help or a guide. If you’re vision-impaired, you may need someone to travel with you for support. In many cases, if a Paralympic athlete needs to go somewhere, they need to buy two tickets. If they compete in a sport, they often need two sets of equipment. So, as you can see, it gets very expensive, very quickly.”

Earlier this year, Toyota announced a major new initiative to help: the Toyota U.S. Paralympic Fund. 

Toyota is the first-ever sponsor to execute a campaign of this size and scope for all Paralympic athletes. 

The program provides a $3,000 donation to all Paralympic Team USA members currently training and in contention for the Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, and beyond.

The company will also invite any U.S. Paralympic athlete who is named to the U.S. Paralympic Team for the Beijing Games to officially join the Toyota team through sponsorship agreements. They’ll also be eligible for a limited-time vehicle purchase incentive. By expanding Toyota’s reach, dealers have an opportunity to identify and partner with local Paralympic athletes for their communities to embrace and cheer on as they compete. 

“This is about fulfilling the promise of mobility for all, and what it means to be a mobility sponsor for the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” says Jack Hollis, senior vice president of Automotive Operations at Toyota Motor North America. “We should all feel grateful to be part of an organization committed to making an impact in athletes’ lives, as well as the Paralympic Movement.”

To learn more or donate now, click here.


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