Second issue of FREUDE.FOREVER magazine turns reading into an immersive digital experience.


Munich. As the countdown continues to the arrival of
the Neue Klasse, premium carmaker BMW is carrying out an intense
process of transformation. No stone is being left unturned, something
new arrives almost every day and from every angle. A major change of
perspective has been part of the story; the concept of “new” is itself
undergoing a reappraisal. And now the second issue of FREUDE.FOREVER
is delving deep into what “new” really means. The latest issue of
BMW’s award-winning magazine, again devoted to a single subject,
invites a handful of inspirational figures to share how they see “the
new” in their lives, their work and their art.

This collection of stories encourages us to challenge our ways of
thinking about what is possible with the innovative spirit and
optimism inherent in the BMW brand promise. Like the pilot issue of
FREUDE.FOREVER, the structure of the second issue – entitled THE
– is also wired into the seven human senses.

What makes this issue different is that, as well as exploring the
analogue product and digital extension, its narrative path also
ventures into a third dimension: augmented reality. The FREUDE.FOREVER
editorial team hooked up with Icelandic art collective Fischersund to
develop a digital flower, which adorns the lavishly crafted cover in
the form of a relief print. Scanning a QR code inside the magazine
unlocks an immersive augmented reality experience of the flower. This
interaction between the magazine’s readers and its cover connects the
senses of sight and hearing with emotions and openness to technology.
It ushers us into new worlds of perception and communication – just
like the BMW brand.

“As artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual worlds
continue to advance, we can see a significant opportunity for BMW in
the increasing fusion of the analogue and digital worlds,” says Jens
Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and BMW Brand. “Just as BMW M
Mixed Reality uses innovative VR and MR technologies to create a
unique driving event that is unprecedented in this form, we are
introducing the readers of our print magazine FREUDE.FOREVER to a new
type of experience that enriches the analogue pleasure of reading with
an immersive digital journey.”

For BMW, the “new” is not purely the result of something being
created for the first time. Instead, it is about approaching
challenges with a fresh perspective and understanding the true power
of a vision. This requires an open mind, the courage to dare,
flexibility, self-criticism, honesty and a resistance to those who say
it can’t be done. More than anything, though, it demands the readiness
to view change as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. This mindset
is reflected in the stories featured in Issue no. 2 of FREUDE.FOREVER.

For example, siblings Inga, Rosa and Lilja Birgisdóttir from
Fischersund got together with FREUDE.FOREVER to explore the question
of how a new world of floristry can be opened up and experienced.
Elsewhere, we find David Zilber investigating how taste can be defined
in a new way. The fermentation guru turns the world of top-class
cuisine on its head by experimenting with microbes, enzymes and
fermented products in his Danish lab. And Keisei Kawahara, an athlete,
model and TikToker from Japan, is leading a new generation of
prosthesis wearers who see in their orthopaedic aids not limitations
but potential for growth.

In other stories in this issue, we hear from developers who are
teaching machines to feel, and an artist duo shine a light on the
future-facing potential of holography technology. Also inside the
magazine are interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has perfected
the art of constant reinvention, and Pieter Nota, Member of the Board
of Management of BMW AG, Customer, Brands, Sales, with whom we examine
new perspectives in the transformation of the automotive industry.

FREUDE.FOREVER is the product of a collaboration between BMW and the
LOOPING GROUP – the magazine’s publisher. A partner of the agency THE
GAME created for the BMW Group and the BMW brand, LOOPING has many
years of experience in the areas of magazine journalism, corporate
publishing and storytelling. The first issue of the magazine already
gained international recognition for the standout quality of its
content and design creativity, with distinctions incoming from the
Society of Publication Designers (SPD Award) and the Art Directors
Club (ADC) for Germany. The new issue of FREUDE.FOREVER entitled
THE NEUE NEW is available from the online shop and
magazine retailers in English (130 pages) and German (138 pages),
priced at 10 euros.


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