TMC Announces Changes to Organizational Structure, Executive Structure, and Senior Professional/Senior Management Employees


TMC aims to realize a mobility society in which all people can move freely, happily, and comfortably by evolving the car to be more useful to society based on the essential values of the car that have been cultivated over the years, including safety, security, and being fun to drive. To this end, TMC is transforming itself into a mobility company based on the Toyota Mobility Concept.

TMC has long promoted development in the field of connected services and technologies to connect people, vehicles, and society and create new value for cars. It established its in-house Connected Company in 2016 and has since built an infrastructure for connected services and technologies by expanding its business to include ITS implementation and the global rollout of connected cars.

Meanwhile, Woven by Toyota, Inc. (Woven by Toyota) realizes that software will be the driving force behind the transformation to high value-added mobility, including data services, energy, and integration with social systems. It is therefore endeavoring to enhance its software development capabilities through the development of autonomous driving and its software platform “Arene” to enhance its software development capacity, and to realize the Toyota Mobility Concept through the Woven City mobility test course.

Going forward, TMC intends to move to the phase of speeding up vehicle intelligence and software implementation to build a social system platform in which mobility becomes a part of the social system.

To this end, the three companies of TMC, Woven by Toyota, and DENSO Corporation (DENSO), which excels in software implementation within the Toyota Group, aim to strengthen collaboration to enhance the value of mobility through a software-centered approach.

In line with this development, TMC will position software and hardware as its dual focus and replace its in-house structure of separated software-related functions with a “software first” organization.


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