Top 5 Miami Dolphin Auto Paint Jobs


Hey, we love the Dolphins. Still the only team with a perfect season in their history. Still, in out eyes, the best team ever. And of all the NFL cities, none can claim to have better fans that the Miami Dolphins. So it’s no surprise that the NFL’s best fans would turn their automobiles into rolling Dolphin souvenirs. Wonderfully designed and immaculately executed, we found a load of vehicles dressed in Agua and orange, emblazoned with the Dolphin logo.

Remember the Pontiac Ventura? Yup, looks like a Chevy Nova. But with that fancy Dolphin paint job, it’s a sleek race car. Powerful and lightning fast. The logo turns an average Pontiac into a race-ready speedster. A winner. A champ. That’s what a Miami Dolphins logo will do for an average car.

Takes a true commitment to your team to stamp their logo on your $60,000 Camaro. It’s cool, and we appreciate the love of our team, but this is one situation where maybe just season tickets would have been a better choice as a show of support.

Pull up to the stadium with this bad boy and you can park right in front. The rims and the huge logo make this the perfect full-size Hot Wheels. The addition of the side-window flags is a brilliant touch. This is one hot Dodge!

We thought the Camaro above was crazy. But this Lamborghini Gallardo Forza 5 takes the aqua-and-orange cake. The owner of this car should get free season tickets to Dolphin games forever, The design is dope and the execution is flawless. You’d never pay for parking with this car, in fact, you’ll never pay for drinks, meals, even a few Heat tickets during the playoffs. The superfan car.

And perhaps the most elegant custom Dolphin ride is this old Ford pickup. The huge dolphin sweeps beautifully across the doors and across its bulbous hood. The colors are perfect and the overall design and detail is tasty. The Lamborghini is amazing, but this is the headturner.


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