Collection Cars and Champagne Video Blog


YouTuber “911Cooled Films” shared this video of a March Cars and Coffee / Champagne event at “The Collection” in Coral Gables.  Here’s the description he posted on YouTube:

To the best Cars and Coffee I have ever attended, thank you to The Collection Miami for the amazing time at your event. Superb cars, people food and everything in between.The community out in Florida is AHHHMAAAZZZING! You guys are really an amazing group of well sorted enthusiasts.

The show was laced with all sorts of unique aircooled but also watercooled masterpieces. Sprinkle that with 356’s and its a combination of nothing but the very best of car life.

It’s funny how you can carry on online relationships with so many people and then all of a sudden, you meet all of them in one place. That is a real trip!

Thank you guys for making it a real special one for my family and I. I hope you guys enjoy the vlog and I will see you on the next one!




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