America’s Top Selling Cars of 2018


In the modern age, we’re used to crowd funding and crowd sourcing.  We’re also used to the phrase “the wisdom of the crowd.”  The concept behind the wisdom of the crowd is that with the crowd, you don’t have to overthink a decision when hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands have made the decision for you.

Here are a couple of extra reasons why best selling cars are important:

  1. Affordability – Top selling cars usually offer great value for the money.  They are designed for the mass market.  Plus, due to the fact that they sell so well, the cost is always lower for the manufacturer when they can mass produce incredibly large sums.
  2. Long Term – Due to the popularity of these vehicles, finding plentiful parts and places to service your vehicle is a breeze.  Sure, owners are typically not worried about that for the first 3 years or so as most issues are covered under warranty.  But for those interested in owning their vehicle for the long haul, say 8 to 10 years, having plentiful and affordable parts is a huge benefit to buying a top selling car.
  3. Accessories – Just like parts, Americans LOVE to accessorize their vehicles.  Especially trucks and SUVs.  The top selling vehicles tend to have a plethora of accessories readily available for your vehicle.

Alas, we bring to you the Wisdom of the Crowd in terms of the Best Selling Cars of 2018.  Our source for this data is  According to Motor Trend, these were the best selling cars of 2018.


2018 Units Sold: 240,032

The Jeep Wrangler is an American Icon.  It represents freedom to go virtually anywhere.  Jeeps which used to be somewhat impractical for families, got a huge boost with the longer wheelbase 4 door version.  Now, they are as common to find on a mountain trail as they are at your local Costco.


2018 Units Sold: 244,511

SUVs continue to be among the best selling vehicles in the United States.  The practicality, utility, and modern day efficiency make this segment a top seller.  In fact, 6 out of the top 15 vehicles sold in the United States in 2018 were SUVs.  And Toyota is getting it’s fair share with not just one, but two top selling SUVs within the Top 15 vehicles sold last year.  The Highlander offers a great ride, comfort and size unquestionably popular for the American family.

13 – TOYOTA TACOMA (#1 Selling Small Pickup)

2018 Units Sold: 245,659

While full size American pickups remain at the top of this list, the affordability and reliability of the Toyota Tacoma makes it the number one selling small pickup truck in the United States.  Go look at a Home Depot parking lot.  It’s dominated by pickup trucks.  Nothing gets the job done like a truck.  Whether hauling or towing, trucks are built to work hard.  And Toyota’s sold more small pickups in America than anyone else.


2018 Units Sold: 272,228

There’s a reason Ford is moving away from selling cars to SUVs and Trucks (and Mustangs!)  It’s a simple business decision.  Americans are moving away from most (but not all) cars and moving towards the more practical SUVs that also offer a preferable higher ride height.  These taller vehicles are frankly a heck of a lot easier to get in and out of on a daily basis.  On the road, the higher ride height provide a more commanding feel for the road.  And Ford has done incredibly well financially with the Ford Escape, it’s number one selling SUV.


2018 Units Sold: 291,070

As we said before, Americans are moving away from cars and into more SUVs.  But a few cars continue to sell incredibly well.  One of these is the all reliable and stylish Honda Accord.  A beautiful ride that offers great performance, space, and luxury for an incredible price.  You can’t go wrong with a Honda Accord.


2018 Units Sold: 303,732

When it comes to economy, practicality, and reliability, no car outdoes the little tank known as the Toyota Corolla.  It’s not a luxury car.  It’s not a sports car.  It’s the all reliable car that gets you to and from work reliably.

9 – HONDA CIVIC (#1 Selling Small Car)

2018 Units Sold: 325,760

The Civic is going after many of the same customers as the Toyota Corolla, but let’s be honest.  The Civic has always been a lot cooler.  The Civic is part sports car.  And when fully loaded can be quite luxurious.  The Civic is the badass small car Americans love to own.

8 – CHEVY EQUINOX (#1 Domestic SUV)

2018 Units Sold: 332,618

Chevy’s Equinox crams a lot of space and practicality making it America’s #1 domestic SUV.

7 – TOYOTA CAMRY (#1 Selling Car in America)

2018 Units Sold: 343,439

The Camry has long been America’s favorite “car.”  I know, it’s very vanilla.  But vanilla is the #1 selling flavor of ice cream in America.  And while Vanilla is not as sexy as Rocky Road or exotic like Coconut Ice Cream, Vanilla pays the bills.  And that’s what the Toyota Camry is.  A full sized car that is reliable, well engineered, priced right, and ready to handle your commuting battles every day.  It’s a great and reliable car.  Just don’t expect for the hottie in the car next to you to ever look your way.


2018 Units Sold: 377,895

The CR-V is an awesome package and one of the reasons cars aren’t selling as well anymore.  It’s go the SUV practicality, Honda reliability, and a cool factor hard to find in some of the other SUVs.  A great package at a great price.


2018 Units Sold: 412,110

A lot nicer than you think.  That was literally my first impression getting inside and driving one of these hot selling Nissan SUVs.  The price is great.  It’s got plenty of space for the family on a budget.  it’s very economical.  We think you’ll be just as impressed as we were.

4 – TOYOTA RAV4 (#1 Selling SUV)

2018 Units Sold: 427,170

The #1 selling SUV in America combines everything Americans want.  It’s economical to buy.  Economical to operate.  It’s got plenty of space.  It looks great.  And you’re buying reliable Toyota Technology.  This car will give it’s buyer amazing bang for the buck.


2018 Units Sold: 536,980

And now we enter the heavyweight division of vehicle sales.  American pickups.  Did you notice how the RAM pickup outsells the #1 SUV by over 100,000 vehicles sold?

The RAM Pickup combines Brute strength (HEMI POWER BABY!) with great looks and the incredible size and utility only a full size pickup can offer.  The American pickup truck is a way of life.  It’s a way to get work done.  No car or SUV will ever carry a literal ton of sand to your home to lay down pavers.  No car and few SUVs will tow that big boat you want for the family.  Did your appliance just die?  You need a new one right now.  Good luck on waiting for delivery unless you have a bad boy like this that can easily pick one up right now.

I can go on and on with the benefits of owning a truck. The RAM is priced right giving owners a heckuva truck that’s usually priced below the Chevy and Ford listed below.


2018 Units Sold: 585,581

Like a rock.

Chevy’s provide owners a heck of a beautiful truck to get the job done during the day and take the wife out on the town at night.  Truck’s are more than just utility vehicles.  Trucks have become the all American family vehicle.  With seating for up to 6 (bench front and back) these trucks can load the family while carrying a big load AND towing some toys behind it it.  When it comes to trucks, Americans are very picky.  RAM lovers love RAMs.  Chevy truck guys are loyal to Chevy.  And Ford guys stick with Ford.

Chevy just introduced a new 2019 Silverado and we’ll see how that impacts the market share for the upcoming year.

1 – FORD F-SERIES (#1 Selling Vehicle in America)

2015 Ford F-150 SuperCrew with 6.5' Box Towing a 2017 Yamaha AR190 in Key Biscayne, Florida

2018 Units Sold: 909,330

It’s been like 40 years that we’ve seen the Ford F Series as the #1 selling vehicle in America.  These trucks are built Ford Tough and Americans LOVE this truck.

Full Disclosure:  I’m extremely partial to the Ford F-150.  That’s my baby in the picture pulling a small Yamaha AR190.  This is also my 4th Ford F-150.  I’ve had a 2001 Ford XLT V6 SuperCab 6.5′ Box.  A 2004 4.6 V8 XLT SuperCab with 6.5′ box.  A 2007 5.4 V-8 Lariat SuperCrew with 6.5′ Box and the current 2015 Lariat with the 5.0 SuperCrew and 6.5′ Box.

Part of what makes these trucks so incredible are the immense number of ways you can configure these trucks.  Regular cab, SuperCab, SuperCrew.  5.5′ box, 6.5′ box, 8′ box.  Diesel or Gas.  V6, V6 turbo, or V8.  A variety of trim levels from XL to Platinum.

I love that my truck feels just at home at the Marina above (which by the way, you barely notice pulling a boat that small) to loaded up with rocks or sand, to carrying 2x4s at Home Depot, to taking the kids to soccer practice, to meeting with execs for a luncheon in Coral Gables.

These trucks are more economical than ever before, but don’t kid yourself.  These are gas guzzlers.  The fact that my current truck gets 1mpg better than my old one is great, but by no means economical.

Numbers don’t lie. 
Ford sold over 900,000 units.  That’s almost as many units as Dodge and Chevy pickups combines.

Bottom line.  Americans LOVE trucks.  And the F-Series is America’s favorite truck.


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