Florida Auto Tint Extends Discount to Military and First Responders


Florida Auto Tint, a window tinting service provider, in recognition of the role and sacrifice offered by the military and first responders, is offering a discount to these two groups of customers. When making the announcement, the owner of Florida Auto Tint, William Velez, said that this discount would be available to all military and first responders, including spouses. “The 10% discount for these important people in our society is permanent, meaning that anytime a person falling in this category requires window tinting services, our company will offer a special rate,” said William, adding that this discount is also accompanied by a lifetime warranty, something that is offered to all Florida Auto Tint customers.

Florida Auto Tint Logo

“Florida Auto Tint is an XPEL authorized installer, meaning that what we offer our customers meets the highest standards in the industry,” said William.

Florida Auto Tint offers a number of window tinting packages, including Color Stable Window Tint, which gives almost 100 percent UV protection and keeps the car interior and occupants protected. Ceramic Window Tint allows filtering of infrared radiation and blockage of the sun’s heat. They also have an Infrared Rejection Window Tint which can create a solid barrier, blocking up to 98 percent of infrared heat.

To ensure quality, William says they only work with the most trusted brands in the industry. It is for this reason that they have chosen to carry XPEL’s PRIME automotive window tint lineup. William adds that car window tinting is not just about keeping a low profile or making the car look cool; it keeps the occupants comfortable and protected from harmful infrared rays.
“Our services are backed by a lifetime warranty,” adds William assuring the customer that they are getting value for money.

We’d like to thank the folks at Florida Auto Tint for taking care of our military personnel and our first responders.  Thank you!



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