Miami’s MotorBreeze: A Pioneering Concierge Car-Buying Experience


A New Way to Buy a Car

What if I told you that you could get a brand new car without going into a dealership?  Virtually any car you want from a Porsche to a Hyundai is available to you and all you have to do is either make a call or visit a website.  It’s a concierge service.  So it’s extremely convenient.  But guess what.  It can also save you anywhere from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands depending on the vehicle your purchasing.

Sound too good to be true?  Keep reading.

Let’s introduce Alan Gonzalez. Five years ago, Alan Gonzalez had an idea.  He saw the frustration customers had with the typical dealer experience.  Customers show up at a dealer and they’re already in a bad mood.  Customers show up ready to fight the sales people because of past bad experiences.  Customers get frustrated with unkept promises and outright lies from poor sales people.  (Note:  Great dealerships have great salespeople that are honest and forthright and don’t have to lie to get a sale.)

2022 Ford Mustang MACH E at the Miami Auto Show

And then there’s the whole side of negotiating.  Most customers hate it.  Sure, there are some buyers that are business people and are used to negotiating all day long and find this process fun.  Most customers are not negotiators.  They buy only a handful of cars in their entire life.  Meanwhile, the salespeople do this all day long.

They typical customer works on getting that initial price.  And let’s say the customer is happy with that initial price.  Ha ha.  Here comes the plus, plus, plus, plus.  The dealer fee.  The prep fee.  The state fee.  The transfer fee.  The I just made it up fee.  Again, great dealerships don’t surprise you with all sorts of unrealistic fees.  Other dealers add on the profit at this moment.


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Mr. Gonzalez saw an opportunity to match car buyers with the best car at the best price – anywhere in the United States – and provide an impeccable service that would save the client time and a whole lot of money. He and his team would arrange financing, test drives and delivery. Buyers were not limited to what was available on their local dealer’s lot. Alan will find it and deliver it.  And best of all, the customer could do everything from their home or office with the exception of the pressure free test drive if they actually wanted the test drive.

So Alan Gonzalez left his role selling cars at a dealership and partnered with a seasoned car sales veteran with the mission to provide customers a completely better way to buy a car.  They created the revolutionary new car concierge service called MotorBreeze.


With the relationships that Alan and MotorBreeze have built, their customers pay lower prices than the average customer can negotiate. And MotorBreeze will get you any car you’d like, from a Ferrari to a Ford. Any new car, with any array of features, any color – at the best price – that’s the new approach to car buying according to Gonzalez. “We’ve simplified the process. We can get the car – the exact car – a customer wants, at an unbeatable price based on our volume with our network of automotive partners. Then we deliver it to their door. With dealers demanding thousands and tens of thousands of dollars over MSRP, our ability to protect the price at MSRP is a tremendous advantage for our customers.” Need a test drive? “We can arrange a test drive, via appointment, with no sales intervention. You come in, drive the car, and leave.”

How the heck does MotorBreeze get a better price?

It starts with great relationships.  Over the years, MotorBreeze’s insider knowledge and relationships have proven mutually beneficial to existing South Florida car dealerships and to MotorBreeze clients.  Here’s how it works:

MotorBreeze knows that dealers, especially the bigger volume dealers get huge payouts from the manufacturers when they sell a certain volume each month.  These payouts go by different names.  Some call them manufacturer kickbacks.  Others call them volume rebates.  Others call them volume bonuses.  Whatever the name, this is how a dealer can sell a car below their initial cost, but still make a profit by hitting the volume required to get the volume rebate.  For example, if a dealer sells 99 cars, they might miss out on bonus that could exceed $100,000.  However, if they sell 100 cars that month, they make their rebate.   And if they sell even more, there could be an even bigger bonus.


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MotorBreeze knows that.  This allows them to negotiate a great price for their buyer.  The dealer pays MotorBreeze a pre-defined amount.   The dealer wins as they’re able to sell more cars to get their bonus.  MotorBreeze wins as they get a pre-defined commission.  The consumer wins by having a great shopping experience.

2023 Nissan Z at the Miami Auto Show

What about auto financing?

One of the great things MotorBreeze does for customers is connect them with the right banks based on their current income and credit background.  As Alan explains, “Some customers call me and are very specilficil…they want a Black Escalade with certain features…But other customers will call and say, what’s the best SUV and I can get for $600 per month?”  That allows MotorBreeze to get the customer to the best product based on their budget.


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Good Credit and Bad Credit

MotorBreeze does a credit pre-screening with the customer.  This is an honest conversation with the customer way before they run the credit.  MotorBreeze will ask you about your credit score.  Let’s face it.  Most people know where their credit is at.  As a result, MotorBreeze can tell you ahead of time that certain banks from certain manufacturers are more likely not to approve you, but based on your current financial situation, you’re more likely to get approval from other banks.  As a result, MotorBreeze is able to save the client a whole lot of grief, aggravation, and time by immediately connecting the buyer with the vehicle, the bank, and the budget that fits the customer’s needs.

Let’s put it another way, the typical dealer is only looking at getting the customer into the financing package with the best incentives to benefit the dealer, not necessarily the customer.  MotorBreeze doesn’t care about finance incentives.  All they care about is connecting the customer with the right car and the right price.  This is why MotorBreeze has over 200 Google reviews with 5 stars.  At the end of the day, MotorBreeze only survives by providing the best car buying experience.  Based on the online reviews and the incredible growth MotorBreeze has seen, they are succeeding!

2022 Toyota Tundra at the Miami Auto Show

Dealer Relationships

Alan also stressed to us that while there are a lot of dealer horror stories, not all dealers are bad. There are many that really do a great job.  “Look, we’re by no means saying that ALL car dealers are unethical, but unfortunately, MANY are. One of the biggest benefits that we bring to the table is that we only partner with the best of the best! The dealers that we work with are always going to do the right thing and are a step above the rest! We’re proud to say that we’ve partnered with some of the most outstanding professionals in the auto industry!” 

In other words, MotorBreeze has built quality relationships with the best dealerships in South Florida.  As a result, he avoids the dealers that are notoriously bad and only partners with the best dealerships in South Florida.  Again, another win win.  The best dealerships get more volume.  The customer gets a great deal.  Relationships strengthen.  Everybody wins.

5 Star Reviews

Is MotorBreeze too good to be true?  Not if you ask their customers.  We’re going to sample just a handful of the reviews they have in Google.  Mind you…They have over 200 5 star reviews, but here are some of the most recent comments:

  • Brandon Casalis:
    • 5 Stars
    • 3 weeks ago
    • Great service. Car was delivered much quicker than I expected. Highly recommend.
  • Mariano Julian Varela:
    • 5 Stars
    • 3 weeks ago
    • Alan is the best!
  • Cari
    • 5 Stars
    • 1 week ago
    • Best way to purchase/lease a vehicle. Arthur was amazing!!
  • Evelyn Navarro
    • 5 Stars
    • 1 week ago
    • What can i say i had a great sales man Arthur Santos he was awesome he helped me in one day find the type of car i wanted, did the credit application and next thing you know i had my car the next day delivered to my job. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and my family. Stress free from going to the dealership.I am very happy with my new 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan. yayyyyyyy
  • Jose Pintaluga
    • 5 Stars
    • 1 month ago
    • Thanks to the wonderful service from Motor Breeze I managed to get the car of my dreams in this tough market. Thank you Sean!!!


It’s no wonder that MotorBreeze has grown so quickly. Covid kept many customers out of the showrooms for many months, while leases began to run out and pent-up demand for new vehicles began to explode. Perhaps that’s why MotorBreeze had its best year in 2020, during the heart of the pandemic. Today, Gonzalez says, “With limited inventory available due to shortages, we are very busy finding new cars or getting our orders in for our customers. For many vehicles, we may be looking at six to eight weeks. That’s as fast as anyone can get cars right now and some vehicles are backed up even more.” Gonzalez sees more possible trouble ahead: some carmakers adjusted their purchasing in anticipation of a slowdown in sales during 2020 – which did not happen. Now many are scrambling to ramp up production to meet demand. With silicon chips and other parts, the cars can’t be built.

Where does Gonzalez see the industry going? First, he expects a disruption of 12 to 18 months. Between the chips and the ships, he is not very optimistic of a quick return to normal.

“It’s bad,” says Gonzalez, “it’s worse than most people think.”

Some automakers have done better than others in managing in a growing market opportunity. “You can get some new cars and we’re good at doing that. Mazda and Volkswagen, for example are doing pretty well. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz and Ford are doing terribly. The worst. They literally have no cars,” said Gonzalez.


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Reservations versus Ordering

Most car buyers are not buying a car that’s in stock.  As you can see, the lots are mostly empty.  Most vehicles are being purchased by Reservation or by Ordering.

What’s the difference?

A reservation is when you reserve a car that’s already been ordered by the dealer and is scheduled to arrive at the dealer within a few weeks.  Ordering is when you place an order for a specific vehicle with exact specifications directly from the manufacturer.  These can take several months to get.

Most of today’s purchases are reservations.  All the dealers have cars that are coming in.  Customers can reserve those orders.  The folks at MotorBreeze have access to these incoming vehicles from nearly every brand.  (NOTE:  MotorBreeze does not work with Tesla which does not have a traditional dealer network.)

Depending on the manufacturer and the specificity of your needs, you might need to order your car.  This can take up 6 months in some cases.   However, if you are flexible in your choices or want a mainstream mass produced vehicle without custom specs, then you can reasonably reserve a car and have it within a few weeks.

The key in either case is to call the folks at MotorBreeze to start the discovery process.


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Gonzalez notes that with auto prices at elevated levels, leaseholders may have difficult choices when their leases expire. Many car companies are only allowing their lessees to turn in expired-lease vehicles back to the manufacturer’s dealer. In other words, no trading in your Honda lease end at a Ford dealership anymore.

Financing options are complex. “We’re an advocate for our customers,” says Gonzalez, “we can explain a buyer’s options, take care of the details and deliver the best possible experience. Things are changing fast, sometimes daily. We can help and it’s a big part of what we do.”


When MotorBreeze first started, they would help customers with used cars.  What Gonzalez found quickly is that the used car market is ripe with fraud.  From vehicles with fraudulent odometer readings to vehicles with fake CarFax reports he says the fraud was rampant.  It’s disgusting.  Mr. Gonzalez did not want to represent fraudulent vehicles to his customers so he decided early on to abandon the used car lies and dedicate his company to service his clients with the only cars he trusted…brand new vehicles.

And as you can see by his 5 star rating, his customers have rewarded him back after such positive experiences.

Call MotorBreeze

Look if your lease is ending in the next 6 months, call MotorBreeze now.  If you’re just shopping for a call.  Call MotorBreeze.

Alan Gonzalez and MotorBreeze have created a thriving business, acting on behalf of the customer, with extensive resources to deliver the automobiles of choice for their customers. This could will be the model for the future of car buying.

Listen to our Podcast

Listen to our interview with Alan Gonzalez from MotorBreeze and here the story straight from the expert that has revolutionized the purchasing experience.


MotorBreeze Telephone:  844.444.5059





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