Paramount Building to Include SkyPort for Flying Cars


PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter will house some of the finest, most advanced and most numerous amenities of any residential tower in the United States. Developer Dan Kodsi recent took the offering to the next level as thew world prepares for urban aviation. Kodsi is building a Skyport, located on the roof of the 60-story condo tower in anticipation of flying cars. The Skyport cant help but drum up memories of the Jetsons, the family of the future.  Kodsi made modifications to the rooftop design of the tower in order to accommodate a 5,000 SF Skyport. He is preparing his state-of-the-art future-forward residential tower, which will top off construction this August, with the ability to convert its rooftop into a Skyport for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, also known as passenger drones, or what some may call “flying cars.”


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