South Florida Legend, Gus Machado has Died


South Florida legend, Gus Machado, has died.  Gus Machado was a South Florida icon and an inspiration for many.  He was known best for his work selling automobiles in South Florida.

He had a dealership on West 49th Street called Gus Machado Buick.  This clip from “Sabado Gigante” shows the license plate featuring the Buick logo and the Gus Machado brand.  We tried to find one of their old ads, but couldn’t find one.

In the 1980s, Gus Machado bought Johnson Ford located at West 49th Street and 12th Avenue in Hialeah and turned it into Gus Machado Ford.  Today, that location remains Gus Machado Ford.  It is still one of the strongest Ford dealerships in South Florida.  Later on he also added a location in Kendall.

Gus Machado Ford of Hialeah
Gus Machado Ford of Hialeah

Gus Machado was a Cuban immigrant who came to South Florida.  He was inspired by Jim Moran, a former Hudson and Ford Dealer, who did his own commercials.

Ford Expedition at Gus Machado Ford of Hialeah
Ford Expedition at Gus Machado Ford of Hialeah

Of course, we know from his days doing commercials for Gus Machado Buick and then Gus Machado Ford, he wasn’t shy about promoting his brands.

As he would say in his tag lines:  “Gus Machado Ford, Stronger and Bigger than Ever!”

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This PBS story highlights some of the many accomplishments by Gus Machado.


Gus Machado College of Business at St. Thomas University

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