Tropical Chevrolet Finance Manager Arrested for Forgery


WPLG Local 10 is reporting of the arrest of Sofia Pinedo, a finance manager at Tropical Chevrolet located in Miami Shores.  According to the report, Pinedo has been charged with forging a financial document to help a client purchase a vehicle worth over $50,000.  She’s accused of forging the document in order to gain a commission on the sale.

According to the report, the forgery was discovered after the buyer’s ex-girlfriend started getting bills for a vehicle she never agreed to purchase.

Read the WPLG report.

If you purchased a vehicle from Tropical Chevrolet and are concerned about possible forgery, please contact the police immediately.

Tropical Chevrolet

According to the report, Tropical Chevrolet is cooperating with authorities and conducting their own internal investigation.  Tropical Chevrolet is located at 8880 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami Shores.

Their website is:

Reminder:  Everyone is presumed innocent unless they plead guilt or are convicted by a jury of our peers.



  1. I went to this place and bought a Chevy Cruze. I bought the car cash. Since then the engine has cost me almost 5 thousand dollars to fix. I believe they sold me a lemon. They don’t even check the used cars they sell. It’s sad how they treat people because I called to complain and was hung up on. I literally only bought the car to get to the doctor and back home. I have a terminal illness that requires me to go to the doctor every week. I have been to Midas 5 times to fix this car’s engine. This is uncalled for. Now this is the 6th times time going to Midas to fix the car because it’s over heating again. And I only drove 100 miles since the purchase of the car in January.


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