Another Multi-Car Crash in Miami Gardens…Multiple Injuries


WPLG Local 10 reported on this multi-car crash in Miami Gardens over the Halloween weekend.  The accident reportedly sent several people to the hospital.

However, just days prior, we shared the story of a Miami Corvette Driver Killed at Ives Dairy Road in Miami Gardens.

Miami Corvette Driver Killed at Ives Dairy Road

About a month ago, we also reported on the fatal accident in Miami Gardens that killed a 42 year old mother and a 64 year old father.

VIDEO: Speeding Cars Moments Before Fatal Accident in Miami Gardens

Accidents happen all the time in South Florida, but when you’re seeing fatal accidents and injury accidents emanating from the same part of town, you have to question what’s going on that’s causing all these accidents?

Hopefully, this is just a blip, but if more accidents continue to happen, it’s going to put pressure on local leaders to address speed enforcement and traffic patterns.


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