Dark Side: The 2024 F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Edition


Lightning Strikes and The Darkness Rules

Ford has recently unveiled its upcoming special iteration of the F-150 Lightning known as the Platinum Black Edition. This unique variant is scheduled to make its debut on the streets in 2024 and will set you back a hefty $99,990 (including a destination charge of $1,995). The 2024 F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Edition takes the distinguished Platinum trim and introduces a bold monochromatic aesthetic. Limited to a mere 2,000 units, this model is a testament to exclusivity. It will certainly stand out.

Over the past few years, Fird has been consistently introducing specialized models and variations, considering them not only essential for bolstering the company’s financial performance but also for their allure to prospective car buyers. One prominent instance of this strategy involves packages that spotlight sleek black trims. This approach has been exemplified through the Ford Mustang range and the Lincoln Aviator, both of which have received distinctive packages featuring this aesthetic. This thematic extends to numerous black appearance packages offered throughout the gasoline F-150 lineup. Adding to this lineup, the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum Black has now been officially unveiled, marking the inauguration of several new additions to the electric pickup’s portfolio.

The Dark Side.

Everything is black. The Platinum Black boasts a matte-black wrap on its exterior, marking Ford’s inaugural use of a matte-wrapped design in their production trucks. Riding on 22-inch matte-black alloy wheels, this truck exudes an imposing presence. In terms of appearance, it’s akin to an ideal choice for Darth Vader’s trip to the local hardware store.

Further exterior embellishments include an Agate Black roof that seamlessly merges with the windshield and side windows, creating a visually captivating contrast with the matte-black bodywork. The door handles, also in Agate Black, serve a dual purpose—enhancing aesthetics and mitigating smudges. The vehicle features black Ford badges, a soft-shell black tonneau cover for the 5.5-foot cargo bed, a sleek smoked-finish front light bar, luminescent Lightning rear logos, and power-deployable running boards highlighted with Agate Black accents.

Inside, the interior is luxuriously appointed with premium black leather upholstery. A pair of Lightning graphics grace the rear portion of the glass roof panel above the second row. Notably, the electric pickup hosts aluminum plates in the front trunk (or “frunk”) and the driver-side door jamb, each engraved with a unique number denoting its place among the 2,000 exemplars of the Platinum Black edition.

Remaining unchanged from the standard F-150 Lightning Platinum is the inclusion of all-wheel drive, the Ford Blue Cruise hands-free driving assistance system, a generous 15.5-inch infotainment touchscreen, the comprehensive Co-Pilot 360 Active 2.0 suite of safety features, and the extended range battery pack that promises an EPA-estimated driving range of 300 miles.

While the Platinum Black’s initial price tag hovers near $100,000, it stands as a significant premium over the base version of the Lightning, amounting to around $48,000 more. This comes after a July price adjustment that saw reductions across all Lightning trim levels, with the entry-level Pro receiving the most substantial reduction.


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