If I had an extra $69K, I’d buy the Car of The Year!

Car of the Year


I finally understand why I love the Lucid Air Pure so much (although, admittedly, I’ve only worshipped one from afar). And here’s why I love this car: it’s more than a car. It’s…well, a work of art. A futuristic design from the minds of a group of California carmakers. An EV so advanced and so powerful, it’s hard to believe that the pricetag doesn’t hit six figures. The Air Pure is the base model of the fleet at $69K after Federal Tax Credit, with the Lucid Air Grand Touring model that starts at $139,000, and the high-end model, the Lucid Air Dream Edition, yours for a cool $169,000. But for more than double the price, you get a 471-mile range and a mindbending 1,111 horsepower. Wow.

To be sure, it’s a work of world-class engineering and design…but still, a work of art.

Here’s why I love it — and why the Lucid Air Pure would get my $69K. The Lucid Airs deliver the longest range and fastest charging time of any luxury electric cars in the world. The base Air model delivers 480 horsepower and a range of up to 406 miles per charge, utilizing its innovative, single-motor powertrain with optional dual-motor, all-wheel drive configuration. It also includes a 900+ ultra-high voltage electrical architecture with DC fast charging capability — plus complimentary charging at Electrify America’s extensive nationwide network of ultrafast charging stations.
We’re just getting started, but it’s already a true supercar, artfully crafted.

The Lucid Airs are making history

It’s a remarkable start for a startup automaker. The 2022 Lucid Air is MotorTrend’s Car of the Year. It’s the first time a carmaker has won that award with their first model. More history may be made soon — Lucid began shipping the Air sedan last month.

The Prices

So here’s the deal: The Lucid Air is available to reserve now with a starting price of $77,400 – or $69,900 after the US Federal Tax Credit of $7,500 – and you can reserve your Lucid by plunking down a fee of just $300. 

No doubt, the Lucid Air is a car that will reimagine the traditional luxury sedan with new benchmarks in technology, performance, spaciousness, and design. Lucid’s advanced miniaturized drivetrain provides the interior space of a full-size luxury vehicle while maintaining the exterior footprint of a mid-size performance sedan. The result is unmatched aerodynamic efficiency and increased agility and maneuverability, all while surrounding occupants in a carefully crafted atmosphere with meticulous attention to detail.

We are in awe of the 34” Lucid Glass Cockpit curved, floating display, and the largest frunk ever fitted to an electric sedan. Incidentally, the Lucid Air is also available with DreamDrive, a new benchmark in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). This first-of-its-kind platform is exclusive to the full Lucid Air range, combining the most comprehensive sensor suite on the market with a cutting-edge driver monitoring system.

Lucid in Miami

Lucid Motors will open its newest retail location, the Lucid Studio in Miami at Brickell City Centre, will take place next month. An additional location will open at the West Palm Beach Studio at Rosemary Square, in January of 2021. 

So yeah. The next $69,000 I run across, I’m running over and buying a Lucid Air.


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