Nissan’s Upcoming Ariya Electric SUV: A Slick Deal At $47K.


Nissan’s Worthy Entry Into The All-Electric SUV Fray.

Since its early entree into electric vehicles — back in the Leaf days — Nissan has been in the mix, but certainly not quite at the forefront. But times have changed. Yes, the Leaf is still with us, but today Nissan is aggressively designing and building electric vehicles hoping to win the big prize — acceptance with the mass market. Nissan’s 2023 Ariya SUV is a well-built, well-equipped EV, and you can own one this fall. Nissan has the experience and they’re well past rookie mistakes. Before you go for that electric Honda, Toyota, Tesla, Hyundai or whatever — the Nissan Ariya is one helluva an electric and deserves a look. The price is affordable, the value is high.

Great range. Powerful Battery Options And Tech-Rich.

The Ariya will offer up to 300 miles of driving range, and two different battery sizes will be available upon release—a 63.0-kWh battery is standard, and a larger 87.0-kWh pack is optional—as well as either front- or all-wheel drive. Nissan did not skimp on driver-assistance features, its loaded with infotainment tech, and convenience items that catapult the Ariya into competition with similarly sized EV crossovers, even the Tesla Model Y and Hyundai Kona Electric.

The Ariya Is New From The Ground Up.

The Ariya is an all-new vehicle for Nissan. It features Nissan’s new semi-autonomous driving system (ProPilot 2.0), which debuted on the Japanese-market Nissan Skyline sedan.

Nissan is enlisting features developed in other cars, including the GT-R sports car’s torque-split system, to offer optional all-wheel drive via a dual-front/rear-electric-motor configuration. The more powerful all-wheel drive Ariya will zip from zero to 60 mph in less than 5.0 seconds, a feat that is similar to higher-end electric vehicles. Reports applaud the  Ariya for its calm, stable ride — but it lacks the sporty nature we driving enthusiasts may prefer.

The Ariya’s $47,125 starting price puts it above the Leaf and other affordable EVs but under the base price of the Model Y

The Ariya will be capable of charging at home on 110- or 240-volt outlets as well as at public charging stations and even DC fast-charging ports. EPA fuel economy estimates aren’t yet available for the Ariya, nor has Nissan released any claimed MPGe figures. When the Ariya gets closer to launch, that information will likely be available.

The Airya’s Clean, Comfy Interior

The Ariya’s interior looks futuristic and minimal. Nissan has discarded every button possible in pursuit of a smooth dashboard that favors a sleek look to match the design of the exterior. Despite Nissan’s claim that the Ariya’s cabin is unlike a traditional automotive interior, its minimalistic theme appears to be its sole unique trait. Not that the cabin doesn’t look like a nice place to spend time.

A flat, low floor creates a spacious feeling inside, and Nissan has incorporated its comfy zero-gravity seats into the design. The rear seat space is noticeably less generous than the front, but a pair of adults should still find it comfortable and roomy enough even for long-distance travel.



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