VIDEO: L’Automobile Show 2021

A revolutionary annual show to elevate the automotive scene in South Florida by delivering experience, interaction and sustainability. We aim to align automotive manufacturers and their consumers through innovation, technology and education. Collaborating with the vibrant and diverse automotive scene here in South...

A Tribute To LeMans, Ferrari’s 2023 Daytona SP3 Is Insane

Ferrari has just revealed its latest in its special "Icona" line of supercars. The Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a mid-mounted 828-horsepower V12 superhorse. It's called the Ferrari Daytona SP3, and it takes its name...

VIDEO: Curated Miami Showroom Walkthrough

The folks at Curated specialize in vintage supercars.  They are in constant pursuit of pairing the world's greatest automobiles with the world's greatest collections. "After 12 years of buying and selling hundreds of vintage Lamborghini’s...

Exotics on Las Olas 2021

The weather was great in Fort Lauderdale for the Exotics on Las Olas Car Show.  Thousands came out to take in the fabulous weather and exquisite exotics sprawled throughout Las Olas Boulevard. Below...

Bugatti’s $8 Million Hypercar in Miami

YouTuber Davion Bashay shares his journey through Miami to see the exotic $8 Million, 1500 hp, track focused, Bugatti Divo Hypercar. What is the Bugatti Divo really like.  Here's, auto expert, Doug DeMuro with his...

Lamborghini Shopping in Miami with Will Motivation

Will Motivation came down to Miami to look at some new Lamborghinis at Lamborghini Miami.  Here's what he posted on his YouTube Channel: "Ran down to Miami to take a look at a couple of...

Pininfarina Battista Test Drive Event at The Collection

The pure electric Pininfarina Battista was unveiled to exclusive customers of The Collection during the second week of September 2021. Guests were invited to test drive the rare hypercar which encaptures a long tradition...

Halloween Supercar Run 2021 at Lamborghini Miami

Prestige Imports hosted the 9th annual Halloween Supercar run.  Beautiful cars.  Vintage cars. Exotic Cars. And a fun costume contest.  

Best Exotic Cars from the 2021 Miami Auto Show

Millionaire Alley used to be the corner of the Miami Auto Show that had the ultra exotics.  The super cars.   The hyper cars.  As a kid, I remember seeing my first Aston Martin Lagonda...

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