5 Reasons Why Car Buying (and Selling) Is About To Change Forever

As the auto industry continues to go electric and move online, automakers are rethinking every aspect of the purchase process—including the spaces in which it happens. How will these changes affect those who buy...

Auto Industry Still Facing Semiconductor — And Now Labor — Shortages.

The Auto Industry Is In Convulsive Change... Virginia's WHSV TV is reporting that significant labor and supply shortages continue wallop the auto industry as a whole, and your local car dealership is really feeling the...

The MiamiCars.com Guide To FREE Public Charging For Your EV

Yes! Free public charging for these EVs! The electric revolution is great. No gas station visits, no harmful emissions -- just charge it up and go. But there's the rub -- charging. Someday soon, charging...
Autonation Ford Miami

My Two Hour Oil Change at Autonation Ford Miami

I needed to get an oil change for my wife's Ford Expedition.  It's a lease and I figured I'd let the dealer handle the service.  They know these vehicles better than anyone else, right? I...

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