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So I got my notice from Miami-Dade County to renew my license tags.  I have two vehicles, plus a trailer, and a boat.  But I had a sinking feeling that Miami-Dade County might be want to charge me more than the State of Florida.  Turns out, I was right.

Compare and Save

You can try this yourself.

I opened up two web screens.  On the left screen, I opened up the website that’s on the official paperwork I received in the mail:

On the right screen, I opened up the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Website:


Initially, I noticed that each tag’s renew was cheaper on the Renew Express Miami-Dade website compared to the State of Florida DMV website.  Each tag was close to one dollar cheaper.  Not a huge savings, but when you’re renewing 4 vehicles, heck, that buys me a gallon of gas.

But wait.  That’s misleading.  At checkout there were hidden fees.  There was a delivery fee of $3.50 on the Renew Express Miami-Dade website that practically wiped out the $4 savings I initially saw.  And then, there was an additional $14 convenience fee.

So they bait you in with the lower price and then sneakily try to add the convenience fees at checkout.  Don’t fall for this.

On the State of Florida website, there was just a $2.00 convenience fee and no delivery charges.

Ultimately, I paid $305.38 to get a two year renewal for a truck and a one year renewal on the SUV, trailer, and boat with the Florida Department of Highway Safety.  With the Miami-Dade Renew Express website, I would have paid around $314.00.  In other words, I saved about 9 bucks on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle website.

In a world where we’re paying $12 for a Whopper with cheese combo over at Burger King, I know that nine bucks isn’t a whole lot.  But you know what?  The nine bucks are better in your pocket than in the government’s pocket.


  • You have choices as to which website you can use to renew your license tag. 
  • Shop around.
  • Today, the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle website is cheaper at checkout.
  • Tomorrow, the Miami-Dade website might be cheaper.
  • Don’t trust the initial price…Compare the full price at checkout including fees.
  • If Miami-Dade starts to lose business, they’ll change their prices to be more competitive.  

Your Thoughts?

Do you have a money saving trick to renew your Florida Tag for less?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Drive safe everybody!






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