Midway Ford Sales Manager Under Scrutiny for Street Racing Videos


WPLG Local 10 reported on the social media video exploits posted by Red Line Underground Cars.  You see, Red Line Underground Cars which has a YouTube Channel and Instagram account has a wide variety of automotive videos, many of which show high performance sports cars racing through the streets of Miami.

According to the report, the Red Line Underground Cars account is managed by Yohan Santiesteban, the General Sales Manager at Midway Ford.  And some of the videos, you can clearly see the cars exiting the dealership and performing stunts on the streets of Flagler.

After the WPLG report was published, we noticed many of the videos in question were no longer on the Red Line Underground Cars account.

Now, we don’t want to throw Yohan under the bus.  We’re sure he’s worked hard to become the General Sales Manager at one of the biggest Ford Dealerships in Miami.  However, we can’t condone doing donuts and racing on public roads.

Unfortunately, because of his high profile, the Police may make an example out of him.  We’ll see.

Bottom line:  If you want to do donuts, do them in the dealership’s parking lot.  That’s perfectly legal. If you want to race, head down to Homestead Motor Speedway.  But folks, be warned, the cops are taking this seriously.  Don’t race just to put it on the ‘gram.  The cops are watching, too.


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