Chrysler Explores Variations of Brand’s Electrified Future With Reveal of Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept at 2022 New York International Auto Show

  • Chrysler unveils an alter-ego version of its all-electric Chrysler Airflow Concept at the 2022 New York International Auto Show
  • Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept embodies Chrysler’s new contemporary, tech-forward design, showcasing a sleek, sophisticated Galaxy Black exterior body color paired with Cyprus Copper accents inside and out
  • Combination of Galaxy Black exterior and Cyprus Copper features throughout the spacious interior, along the panoramic glass roof and on select surfaces of the 22-inch wheels work together to create a refined, sophisticated design
  • Chrysler reinforces commitment to launch its first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) by 2025 and full battery-electric portfolio by 2028
  • All-electric Chrysler Airflow Concept integrates leading-edge drive-system technology with intuitive AI and connected-vehicle technology that delivers up to 400-mile range and fast-charging functionality
  • Airflow’s seamlessly connected STLA SmartCockpit, powered by STLA Brain, enables an extension of digital, work and home environments, all in sync to create a personalized experience for every passenger
  • Chrysler Airflow’s STLA Brain platform is fully over-the-air (OTA) capable; designed to quickly deliver new and upgraded features and functions that enhance and improve the vehicle throughout the ownership experience
  • The Chrysler Airflow includes STLA AutoDrive to deliver Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, which will also be upgradable via OTA updates

Chrysler today unveiled a Graphite variation of its all-electric Airflow Concept at the 2022 New York International Auto Show.

The Chrysler Airflow Concept originally debuted at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but with the new Graphite, Chrysler offers a reimagined look at the brand’s journey to a fully electric future.

The Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept features a new Galaxy Black exterior and Cyprus Copper interior and exterior accents to bring out a sleek, refined new personality for the Airflow Concept’s official global auto show debut.

Chrysler also announced in January at CES that the brand will launch its first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) by 2025 and offer an all-electric Chrysler vehicle lineup by 2028.

“The Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept, the latest version of our all-electric concept, represents the many possibilities on our brand’s road to an all-electric future,” said Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand CEO – Stellantis. “This new persona of the Airflow highlights the flexibility of the Chrysler brand’s future design direction and our ability to create personalities reflective of our diverse customers. As our brand evolves to offer a full battery-electric vehicle portfolio, we are completely rethinking and reinventing the customer experience. Project Ingenuity is an initiative in which we collaborate with customers on our future innovations and services, offering uniquely personalized and delightful customer experiences throughout the purchase, service and ownership journey.”

Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept
The early development of the Airflow included several potential design expressions for the all-electric concept, including the Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept.

The Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept features a Galaxy Black exterior body color, inspired by a sophisticated urban mindset that feels at home navigating amid big city skylines. The Galaxy Black hue also provides a vivid contrast to the Arctic White exterior previously shown on the Airflow Concept at CES.

The Galaxy Black exterior unites with Cyprus Copper accents both inside and out to imprint the latest Airflow iteration with its own refined, sophisticated design. Cyprus Copper accents highlight the top of the panoramic glass roof as well as select surfaces of the 22-inch wheels.

The Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept interior is modern and spacious, integrating the lightness of Ice Grey and warmth of Cyprus Copper accents to achieve a rich interior feel. Evoking the appeal of a first-class lounge that delivers a comfortable space between home and work, the interior boasts premium features and finishes, using sustainable materials and a calming color palette, creating a greater feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Visit the Chrysler newsroom to read the full release.


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