NEW: Honda e Prototype


As I watched the videos of the new Honda e Prototype it evoked many emotions.  The rear end screams sporty Golf GTI.  But the Honda is cooler and sportier.  The design is straight from an Apple Store.

OMG – Is this the lost love child between Steve Jobs and a VW Engineer?

Clearly not.  In fact, it’s very Japanese.  It’s a reminder of the old 1970s Honda CVCC “Civic” Hatchback.  (Watch the video below if you don’t remember what that looks like.)


The range is expected to be 125 miles.  It’s not intended for long rides.  It’s intended to be an urban commuter.


No official date has been announced, but based on the production nature of this vehicle, you could expect to see them by the end of this year as a 2020 model.


What do you think?  Would you consider purchasing a Honda e?  Let us know by commenting or share online.





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