Off Lease Only-Miami Earns Two Coveted Customer Service Awards from DealerRater


Based on last year’s five-star reviews, Off Lease Only-Miami has earned the 2022 Dealer of the Year Award as well as the Regional Award for the Southeast Region from the national car-buying review platform DealerRater.

Off Lease Only has earned a prestigious 2022 Dealer of the Year Award from the national car-buying review platform DealerRater. The sought-after award is based on the store’s astounding number of five-star reviews posted by happy customers last year.

Off Lease Only was one of 44 dealerships nationally out of 18,000 across the country to be awarded this highly coveted designation.

With a truly impressive track record of winning the Dealer of the Year award for the fourth time in a row, the store was also designated as the first ever winner of the platform’s Regional Dealer of the Year award for the Southeast .

“It’s an incredible accomplishment by any account and we are honored to receive this important award,” said Off Lease Only-Miami General Manager Ray Rodriguez. “The average customer rating was 4.9 in Miami in 2021.”

Off Lease Only-Miami last year logged an astounding 3,095 five-star DealerRater reviews out of a total 4,677 reviews, with only one percent being negative. DealerRater features approximately 1.1 million reviews a year.

“We owe our success to satisfied customers and work extremely hard to maintain our customer-friendly reputation. We pay close attention to all our reviews because taking care of customers is how we continue to grow our business,” says Alan McLaren, COO of Off Lease Only.

DealerRater also presented 2022 Customer Satisfaction Awards to Off Lease Only-Miami, Off Lease Only-Palm Beach, Off Lease Only-Broward and Off Lease Only-Orlando. The high-volume used car dealership has received DealerRater’s Consumer Satisfaction Award every year since 2015.

The Dealer of the Year Awards indicate the value car shoppers place on dealers’ ability to provide the very best service, even when the industry has been challenged by inventory shortages and increased car prices.

DealerRater General Manager Jamie Oldershaw said Off Lease Only Miami was a standout because it adapted quickly to car-buying customers’ new expectations in 2021.

“They’ve stepped up in a big way to meet consumer needs with outstanding service. Off Lease Only Miami stood out among its peers,” Oldershaw said. “It is imperative, not just during challenging times, but also when our industry returns to normal to deliver above and beyond customer experiences to car shoppers and Off Lease Only Miami provided superior customer service in 2021.”



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