BMW Group Plant Steyr wins INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD


Munich/Steyr. The world famous INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARDS
are presented by the operations consultancy ROI-EFESO recognition of
innovative solutions in digitalisation and automation. At the ceremony
in early February in Munich, BMW Group Plant Steyr scooped the coveted
award in the category for Discrete Manufacturing.

Over 200 digitalisation solutions already in operation

The BMW Group’s Austrian facility in Steyr carries out research and
production of e-drives for future BMW Group vehicles. Digitalisation
has played a prominent role here for many years, with the first AI
solutions introduced as early as 2018. Today the plant is in the midst
of the biggest transformation in its history as it gets ready to
produce next-generation electric drives alongside combustion engines.

Steyr’s hub for digital skills is the InnoLab, where new applications
are trialled and the most beneficial are rolled out in production.
Which digital solutions are already on stream can be seen on a
digitalisation map. There are currently around 200 different projects,
ranging from simple data visualisations, via complex AI solutions that
span multiple production lines, through to generative AI, which is
used in AI-based quality control of components, for example.

Sharing within the network and employee training are key to success

“The key driver behind effective innovations – and therefore the
enhancement of our production systems – is our employees, with their
wealth of creativity and experience. Once a smart solution has been
successfully rolled out, it soon makes its way into other areas of
production too, and across the entire BMW iFACTORY network,” explained
Klaus von Moltke, Senior Vice President of Engine Production at BMW AG
and Plant Director at Steyr. The majority of digitalisation solutions
from Steyr are scalable and can be used in various ways. Thanks to the
principles of the BMW iFACTORY, there is also the absolute
flexibility, outstanding processes and superlative integrability
needed. An important component in all of this is the comprehensiveness
of digitalisation. The holistic approach to the interplay between
humans, processes and systems ensures optimum processes and supports
employees in their work. Implementation is underpinned by three
strategic strands: data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtualisation.

When it comes to the transformation of the BMW Group, employee
training is key. Initiatives range from the plant-wide interactive
data visualisation week to RPA (robot process automation) applications
for employees, to name just two examples from Austria. The next
highlight at Plant Steyr will be the Snapp-a-thon, in which even
employees with no prior programming experience will learn to develop
their own apps in just a matter of days to improve processes in their
area of work.

Recognition for efficient technologies at BMW Group Plant
Steyr and creative, scalable solutions for the BMW iFACTORY network 

“BMW Group Plant Steyr is a shining example of how Industry 4.0
excellence takes not just skilful adaptation but also innovations that
embrace an element of risk. Over the years, the team in Steyr have
built up a complex yet highly efficient technology landscape that
offers convincing answers, especially in the key field of AI, with a
homegrown, creative, scalable solution,” said jury member Dr Jörg
Ulrich, Executive Vice President, Head of Operations Region Europe,
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, speaking on behalf of the jury. The INDUSTRIE 4.0
panel of judges comprises 22 decision-makers from industry around the world.

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