DTM: BMW M4 GT3 designs in the colours of BMW M Motorsport partners RoboMarkets, Schaeffler and Shell.


Munich. The 2023 DTM season will see three BMW M4 GT3s
competing in the colours of BMW M Motorsport partners. Reigning
champion Sheldon van der Linde (RSA) will be defending his title in
Shell colours in the #1 car. His new team-mate at Schubert
Motorsport, three-time DTM champion René Rast (GER), will adopt the
blue RoboMarkets design and retain the number 33. With his new
Project 1 team, two-time champion Marco Wittmann (GER) will be
sticking with his trademark appearance: the number 11 and the green
Schaeffler design. The second driver and the design of the fourth
BMW M4 GT3 will be announced by Project 1 at a later date.  


Andreas Roos (Head of BMW M Motorsport): “We are
delighted to be able to present three of the BMW M4 GT3s competing for
Schubert Motorsport and Project 1 in 2023 DTM season in the colours of
our BMW M Motorsport partners. So many race appearances would not be
possible without their support. Thanks for the many years of fantastic
support! It will be really special to see Sheldon van der Linde
defending his DTM title, sporting number 1 in the classic Shell
colours. The connection between Marco Wittmann and Schaeffler with the
‘Green Machine’ has also developed over the years. René Rast will also
adopt the colours of the second Schubert car, and will certainly be an
excellent representative for RoboMarkets with all his experience and
class as a three-time DTM champion.”

Sheldon van der Linde (#1 BMW M4 GT3, Schubert
“Only a short time ago, I could only dream of
defending my DTM title in the #1 car. I spent the whole winter
considering whether to exchange my number 31, which has always brought
me so much luck, for the number 1, but such an opportunity does not
come along very often. The #1 is the icing on the cake for my Shell
livery. I am extremely proud to be going into my fifth season with
Shell, my partner from day one. I cannot begin to imagine competing in
any colours other than red and yellow.”

René Rast (#33 BMW M4 GT3, Schubert Motorsport):
“Both the BMW M4 GT3 and the colours of my partner RoboMarkets are new
to me, but I really like blue and I am looking forward to my new look
in the DTM. I will do my best to chalk up some successes for BMW M
Motorsport, the Schubert team and my partner. It is fantastic that I
am able to race with my number 33 again. It has become my trademark in
the DTM over the years.”

Marco Wittmann (#11 BMW M4 GT3, Project 1): “This
will be the fifth year of the partnership with Schaeffler and we have
become friends during that time. We have grown closer during
successful periods and more trying times. The fact that we all come
from the same region means that we can identify strongly with one
another, the fans and the Schaeffler employees. The number 11 is more
than just my racing number. It is a brand and has also become a part
of my life. The tattoo on my wrist is proof of that. I am proud to be
competing again in the DTM with the #11 ‘Green Machine’.”


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