Long summer nights in Sweden: On the road with the MINI Cooper S Convertible.


Stockholm. Days that never end – what sounds like
pure stress in everyday urban life takes on an entirely different
twist amid the vast landscape of the archipelago. Around midsummer, in
the middle of June, hours of sunshine and seemingly endless bright
nights provide plenty of time to relax outdoors. The MINI Cooper S
Convertible offers open-top driving fun for an extended summer
adventure along the Swedish Baltic coast. From Stockholm, a short
drive on the E18 towards Östhamra is all it takes to leave behind the
hustle and bustle of the big city. From here, routes 276 and 278 lead
south-east on small country roads through a picturesque natural
setting and on to the coast.

Island feeling.
The archipelago north-east of
Stockholm is characterised by the deep cuts made by the Baltic Sea to
create a rugged coastline. Numerous small islands and an vast expanse
of water give a sense of endless space. As soon as you lower the top
of the MINI Cooper S Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 6.6-6.2
l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 151-141 g/km according to WLTP),
this impression is reinforced, revealing a view of the numerous wooden
houses along the shore painted in typical Swedish red. This matte yet
vibrant colour has its origins in the Swedish mines, where iron
hydroxide is extracted as a byproduct. When exposed to air, it becomes
iron oxide – in other words rust. This is what creates the unique and
typical colouring of the Swedish wooden huts – the bathing houses and
excursion restaurants that are a typical feature of the landscape
along the Baltic Sea.

Lots of sunshine through the open roof and the constant view of
the water intensify the desire to jump into the cool water. Before
heading deeper into the archipelago, a stop at Solöbadet is a good
idea. From the water, the MINI Cooper S Convertible with its body in
Melting Silver III and comfortable leather seats in Chester Malt Brown
fits perfectly into the scenery on the shore – and makes you want to
drive on.

After the swim, a short detour leads north. Crossing a small
bridge, we reach the island of Marholmen, where the decorated maypole
already stands on the festival meadow of this small islet. As in the
whole country, the longest day of the year is celebrated here by
singing and dancing together. Midsummer in Sweden is a time of
community festivities. Laughter, music and happy get-togethers are the
stuff of summer memories, making them unforgettable.

Endless days for exploring.
Looking out over the
water glittering in the light, the numerous bays and islands overgrown
with small forests, you forget the passing of time – especially around
the time of the Midsummer Festival. This is because it is bright at
any time of day. But your appetite for the Nordic cuisine with its
fresh fish and crisp vegetables reminds you in time that it is getting
late. With acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds and the
dynamic Steptronic sports automatic transmission, the journey to the
eastern end of the archipelago continues swiftly, offering typical
MINI driving pleasure. How fortunate that a restaurant is still open
on Furusund: it instantly feels like home with its family atmosphere
and freshly caught food.

As we eat, the spectacle of different hues on the horizon
unfolds, typical of this time of year. It may be approaching midnight
now, but instead of being shrouded in deep dark black, the sky glows
in a fascinating mix of different colours including blue, purple,
orange and pink. In this unique atmosphere, the top of the MINI Cooper
S Convertible naturally remains open late at night. The distinctive
blend of freedom and driving pleasure is a perfect match for the
Swedish highlight of the summer season and on the return journey to
Stockholm provides special moments that are just as memorable as the
surreal light above the winding archipelago.

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MINI Cooper S Convertible (Fuel consumption combined in l/100km:
– (NEDC); 6,6-6,2 (WLTP)/ CO2 emission combined in g/km: – (NEDC);
151-141 (WLTP)).


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