MINI and Lovecraft bring cultural warehouse & social hub to Munich’s city center.


Munich. With its partnership at Munich’s central
Stachus, MINI puts creativity, self-realization, and community at the
heart of city life. The Lovecraft project creates a cultural warehouse
& social hub on more than 25,000 square meters of open space and
over eight floors. Through creative use of space, a visionary place
for urban coexistence is being created. MINI is supporting the project
as a long-term partner and is actively involved in shaping it.

Creative repurposing

Lovecraft is already MINI’s second temporary urbanism
collaboration in Munich. Back in 2021, MINI left a lasting mark on the
Sugar Mountain project, which has now become an established meeting
place. Today’s Lovecraft was formerly one of Munich’s largest
department stores. The former shopping paradise is now being
transformed into an open, cultural space.

A central meeting point on the spacious floors is the escalator
in the middle of the building. Redesigned by MINI, the impressive
centerpiece becomes a walk-in sculpture and playfully connects the
floors with wooden stairs and slides. In bright colors and through
typographic elements, the redesign stands for #BIGLOVE and the diverse
interests that visitors can pursue at this special place.

Cultural Warehouse & Social Hub

The Lovecraft offers community areas, a food court, and a
meeting theater. Various cultural events, exhibitions and fairs will
provide a varied program. Co-creation areas encourage the joint
development of ideas and new projects. On two floors, fully integrated
movement areas will enable sports activities such as soccer, ping pong
and skateboarding. In the future, the Zero Waste Arena will offer
opportunities to repair, reuse and share.

The positive energy and creativity of the Lovecraft also
radiates from the inside out into the urban space in the windowpanes
designed through augmented reality and various art projects.

As an example of MINI’s typical “creative use of
space,” the meeting place in the center of Munich stands for
collaboration and joint creation of the future. Through shared
experiences and thinking, dreaming and acting as a team, this place
gives urban society spaces for a collective vision of the future and
invites all visitors to an exciting experiment. True to the MINI brand
promise “We spark individuality to uplift people’s lives.”

On September 09 and 10, Lovecraft will celebrate its official
opening in the heart of Munich.

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