New and Improved: Toyota Revamps Dealer Match Program


Toyota dealers are among the most successful in the industry.

They’re also some of the most generous.

Time and time again, we’ve heard stories of Toyota dealers across the country digging deep into their pockets to help the communities where they do business.

Since 2012, Toyota Motor North America has been right there alongside them, thanks to the Dealer Match program. Most notably, the program supports local community involvement with up to $10,000 in matching funds annually per dealership.

But over time, the team behind the Dealer Match program saw opportunities for improvement, like making it easier for dealers to donate to whom they choose, updating the program’s website and technology, and increasing the number of dealers who participate.

“The program hadn’t been through any kind of refresh since it launched,” says Jeannie Bailey, engagement manager on Toyota’s Social Innovation team. “So, we surveyed our dealers – those who use it and those who don’t – and asked them what they wanted to see more of.”

The result? A refreshed and revamped Dealer Match program designed to make it easier and more enticing for Toyota dealers across the country to take advantage and further their generous impact when donating to causes they care about.

Among the biggest, and most-wanted changes, is a true dollar-for-dollar donation pledge.

“This will give dealers a lot more flexibility in their giving,” says Bailey. “In the old system, we only matched in $2,500 increments. So, if a dealer donated $4,500 to a charity, they could only request a match of $2,500. They couldn’t request a match of $4,500. Now, they can.”

The program also refreshed its platform to provide more transparency throughout the process – meaning dealers will have more visibility into their accounts and available funds.

They also receive more communication through the match process, alerting dealers as their requests are approved and money is deposited to their charity of choice.

Bottom line, the team wants to increase awareness and make it as easy as possible for dealers to take advantage of the program. And they’re here to help.

“For the first time, dealers have a direct point of contact with us now,” says Bailey. “And if they have a question, we get back to them within 72 hours. We’re building relationships we’ve never had before, and it’s something we’re excited about going forward.”

If you’re a Toyota dealer with questions about this matching program, email


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