Next level in-car football streaming: BMW brings Bundesliga pilot application to the BMW Theatre Screen.


Munich. In January, BMW joined forces with DFL
Deutsche Fußball Liga to become the first car manufacturer to bring Bundesliga
football into a vehicle with a pilot application.
Since then,
selected content and live games have been available to customers of
the new BMW 7 Series in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who can enjoy
the content on the BMW Curved Display when the car is parked*. In the
next step, customers can now also enjoy the Bundesliga In-Car App
content on the BMW Theatre Screen. This practically turns the rear
seats in the BMW 7 Series into front-row seats in the stadium. At the
same time, the offer will be rolled out to other countries in Europe,
America and Asia**. The pilot is initially scheduled to run until 31.03.2024.

The BMW Theatre Screen transforms the rear of the new BMW 7
Series into an exclusive private cinema. The large 31.3-inch panoramic
display offers first-class entertainment with Amazon Fire TV built-in.
Bundesliga content can now also be streamed via the BMW Bundesliga
In-Car App, which is available exclusively in the BMW 7 Series on the
BMW Theatre Screen in the Fire TV app store. Thanks to the on-board
5G-enabled antenna system, customers benefit from the best-possible
streaming speeds.

For safety reasons Bundesliga content cannot be played on the
BMW Curved Display while driving. However, streaming on the BMW
Theatre Screen is possible for rear-seat passengers while the vehicle
is on the move. The Bundesliga In-Car App offers on-demand content
such as highlight formats or match data, but also individual live
content tailored for in-car use.

* Also available in BMW iX from production 03/23; BMW X5, X6, X7
from 04/23
** Successive rollout in Belgium, Brazil, France,
Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United
Arab Emirates, USA.


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