Proactive Care – the digital concierge for BMW Customer Service.


Munich. The BMW Group is unveiling a new data- and
AI-driven offering in customer service. Proactive Care includes new
tools and offerings that allow the vehicle to identify existing and
predictable service requirements itself, so that in many cases it can
anticipate the customer’s needs and proactively offer solutions. The
first applications for existing and upcoming vehicle generations are
live. These will be continuously enhanced with further innovative
functionalities in the coming years.

More comfort for BMW customers.
BMW vehicles
have already been sending service-related data directly from the
vehicle to the BMW dealer following confirmation by the customer for
several years, and in this way enabling targeted interaction between
customers and BMW dealers. Up to now, it was still the customer who
had to approach their BMW partner themselves – now BMW is proactively
approaching the customer. The dealer service requirements contained in
the portfolio are constantly being extended and, where it makes sense,
augmented with the benefits provided by the broad field of artificial
intelligence. The result in the next stage of evolution in the area of
connected vehicles and customer service.

What benefits does Proactive Care offer when servicing is
Digital tyre diagnosis, fault messages in
the vehicle, service requirements – custom proposals for solutions are
made possible by data analyses and the recording of customer
preferences. The digital-first approach applies here: depending on
what is needed, the customer is notified via a message in the My BMW
app, via an in-car notification, via e-mail, by their preferred dealer
or by a telephone call from Roadside Assistance. Proactive Care
improves the customer’s service experience in the long term – from
self-help tips (e.g. how to solve a problem via a Remote Software
Upgrade), to flexible support in order to guarantee mobility, or by
suggesting the right dealer in the global dealer network if a visit to
the workshop cannot be avoided. Online appointment scheduling and a
personalised service video including online payment handling are just
some of the possible options.

Quantum leap in the service promise and
Proactive Care is available worldwide for
all BMW models with BMW Operating System 7 or later (as of version
07/2019). All customers need is an active BMW ConnectedDrive contract,
and to register their vehicle in the My BMW app or in the My BMW
portal with their BMW ID and store their contact details.* In order
for data collection to be possible, the customer must accept the
Privacy Policy in the vehicle, enable push notifications in the My BMW
app and consent to be contacted by BMW AG or their BMW Service
Partner. The scope of the work carried out, the costs for this work
and when the vehicle should be ready for collection are available to
the customer in a transparent manner at all times.

Data protection and transparency are paramount for
The BMW Group attaches great importance to the
confidentiality and integrity of personal data. Data protection and
data security have the highest priority for the BMW Group. BMW has
committed itself to the collection of data for specific purposes. This
means that data is collected intelligently only for dedicated
services. The BMW Group adheres to the current legal situation as per
the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and
complementary national laws, such as the German Federal Data
Protection Act. This also applies to the use of systems installed in
the vehicle.

With Proactive Care, BMW is offering a completely new service
experience for its customers, and placing customer satisfaction even
more firmly at the centre of what it does.

*The service scope of “Proactive Care” may vary depending on the
delivery country.


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