Simply Electrifying: 6 Key Takeaways From Akio Toyoda’s BEV Announcement


Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, held a global event in December to talk about the company’s strategy for achieving carbon neutrality and building battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Here are the highlights:

1. Two Types of Electric Vehicles Will Help Us Reach Carbon Neutrality
With a goal of achieving a carbon-neutral society, electric vehicles at Toyota are divided into two categories: carbon-reducing vehicles and carbon-neutral vehicles.

Toyota bZ Large SUV

2. The bZ Series Will Help Get Us There
Toyoda introduced the bZ (beyond ZERO) series of vehicles, designed to provide freedom of movement and driving pleasure to all, while helping to reduce negative impacts like CO2 emissions.

He says carbon-neutral vehicles are only meaningful if they’re widely adopted, so the reasonably priced bZ vehicles aim to meet the needs of customers with no one left behind.
3. Full-Line Global Portfolio
The Toyota brand offers more than 100 models of engine, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and a fuel cell vehicle to more than 170 countries and regions so far. And the Lexus brand has introduced more than 30 engine, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles to more than 90 countries and regions.

The range of carbon-neutral vehicles will be expanded with options, offering a full lineup of battery EVs.

By 2030, the company is planning to offer 30 battery EV models from sedans and SUVs to commercial vehicles.

Lexus Electrified Sport 

4. Lexus Is Taking on a New Chapter
As a pioneer in hybrid technology, Lexus has refined its electrification technology in pursuit of unique design and driving taste.

Now, Lexus will develop the next generation of battery EV sports cars while evolving into a brand that focuses on battery EVs. That’s right: the Lexus brand is preparing to shift to an exclusively battery EV portfolio.

Here’s what that looks like by the numbers:

  • Lexus plans to have a full lineup of battery EVs in all categories by 2030, including 100% battery EVs in Europe, North America and China, and 1 million units globally
  • Lexus projects 100% BEV production to be achieved globally by 2035

5. The Future Isn’t That Far Out
Most of the BEVs shown during the event will come out over the next few years. Akio outlined Toyota’s global goals:

  • To produce and sell 3.5 million battery EVs per year worldwide by 2030
  • Investing in batteries to achieve safety, long life, high quality, high performance and low cost.



6. Happiness Is #1
Akio spoke about the variety of BEVs planned for production so that each local market and customer can decide which one is right for them.

“We at Toyota aim to be a company that contributes to the global environment, seeks to bring happiness to people, acts and stays close to its customers,” he said. “To sum it up, we want to become a company that produces happiness for all, for both individuals and society.

“We want to pass on an ever-better future for the children of today and those who will come after them. We always want the future to be brighter.”


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