The new BMW 4 Series Coupé, the new BMW 4 Series Convertible.


Sporting elegance to the power of 4. 
The epitome of
driving pleasure in the premium midsize class.

When it comes to the premium segment of the midsize class, the number
4 stands for the perfect combination of driving pleasure and elegantly
sporty design. These have been hallmark brand values of BMW since its
earliest days, and the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series
Convertible embody them even more intently than ever. The precisely
modified exterior design of the two models underscores their dynamic
character and exclusive style. Modern touches and new equipment
features bring a premium ambience of renewed sophistication to the
interior. Here, the cutting-edge cockpit design, including the BMW
Curved Display, provides the ideal stage for the latest evolution of
BMW iDrive with QuickSelect, which is based on the new BMW Operating
System 8.5.

New exterior paint finishes and light-alloy wheels, headlights with
an extremely striking design for the light sources and the now
optionally available Laserlight rear lights mark out the latest
advances in the exterior of the two models. Step inside the sporting
two-door models and the key new features of the cabin are immediately
apparent: the revised design of the steering wheels and instrument
panel, the seat coverings, the interior trim elements and the now
optionally available CraftedClarity glass applications for selected
controls. Alongside the introduction of the new BMW iDrive with
QuickSelect as standard, customers can now also choose to add an
Augmented View display for the BMW Maps navigation system as an option
on their new BMW 4 Series.

Production of the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new
BMW 4 Series Convertible will remain at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing,
which is also the birthplace of many other executive class and luxury
segment cars from the brand, as well as the BMW 8 Series sports car
and the high-performance BMW M4 models. Its worldwide market launch
will get underway in March 2024.

Global segment leaders sharpen the sporting profile of the BMW brand.

The evolution of the BMW 4 Series range is anchored in the product
substance that has helped it achieve such outstanding popularity
across all the major car markets. In a market dominated by German
premium carmakers, the coupé and convertible enjoy clear leads in
their respective segments both globally and in their key individual markets.

The most important sales markets for the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and
new BMW 4 Series Convertible are the USA, Germany and China. Since the
market launch of the current model generation of the BMW 4 Series
Coupé, the US market has recorded the strongest demand. The BMW 4
Series Convertible has also been most popular in the USA to date.

This sales success has been accompanied by an extraordinarily high
level of customer satisfaction. In customer surveys, both the
BMW 4 Series Coupé and BMW 4 Series Convertible achieve excellent
approval ratings. Customers placed particular emphasis on the dynamic
driving characteristics and emotionally rich design of both models, as
well as a premium feel characterised by high material and build
quality. By attracting such positive responses from customers, the BMW
4 Series models have made a significant contribution to further
enhancing the brand’s profile as a maker of dynamically exceptional
and elegantly sporty premium cars.

Distinct characters with a shared focus on driving pleasure.

For the past two model generations, BMW has grouped its premium
midsize coupés and convertibles into their own model range. This has
highlighted their particularly intense focus on delivering the driving
pleasure for which the brand is renowned. The differentiation between
the new BMW 4 Series models and the BMW 3 Series in terms of design
can be found not only in their proportions and lines, but also their
distinctive front-end visuals. Wider tracks and specific tuning for
their chassis technology lay the groundwork for superlative dynamic
prowess. Within the BMW 4 Series range, the coupé and convertible
models represent distinct characters whose individual vehicle concepts
target different priorities.

The BMW 4 Series Coupé combines its dynamically flowing lines and
elegantly stretched proportions with a body optimised for extra
handling agility and boasting exceptional torsional rigidity, plus a
chassis tuned squarely for dynamic excellence. The individual-seat
character of the two rear seats helps to ensure that the passengers in
the second row also enjoy an intense driving experience. The folding
function of the three-section split rear seat bench increases the
versatility of the interior when it comes to accommodating items for
leisure activities and longer trips away.

Meanwhile, passengers in the BMW 4 Series Convertible’s four seats
can sample the sporty driving experience characteristic of the 4
Series together with the joy of open-top motoring. A particularly
stylish sense of elegance, for which the car’s low-slung silhouette is
principally responsible, also comes as standard. A highlight feature
specific to the BMW 4 Series Convertible is its panel bow soft-top
roof, which combines the solidity of a retractable hardtop with the
classical aesthetic of a fabric hood. The roof’s electric drive
mechanism can be activated while travelling at up to 50 km/h (31 mph);
the opening/closing process takes 18 seconds.

Taking steps to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Highly efficient engines, intelligent lightweight design and
optimised aerodynamic attributes make a significant contribution to
enhancing driving pleasure in the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new
BMW 4 Series Convertible, at the same time as lowering fuel
consumption and emissions. Meanwhile, the 48V mild hybrid technology
deployed on certain models sharpens power delivery and improves
efficiency. As well as the bonnet, front side panels and doors,
numerous chassis components are also made from aluminium. And with a
Cd as low as 0.25 in the case of the coupé and as low as
0.27 for the convertible, the two models can claim an impressive drag coefficient.

The sport seats for the new BMW 4 Series Coupé are trimmed in
M Performtex – the first time this surface material has been available
in the brand’s models – as part of a new production process generating
lower CO2 emissions. The new EfficiencyCoach in the My BMW
App offers helpful tips for more efficient driving. To this end, this
assistant system analyses the fuel consumption figures and compares
them with both the figures from the previous month and those achieved
by other drivers in the community with comparable engines. It then
uses this information as the basis for recommendations on more
efficient driving.

In the interests of creating an even more sustainable overall
concept, growing importance is attached to the use of secondary raw
materials –alongside further optimised use of materials and
energy-optimised production methods. For the BMW brand, the twin goals
of increasing sustainability and achieving premium standards are
inextricably linked, rather than competing factors.

As well as working tirelessly to optimise vehicle efficiency, the
BMW Group is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement. And it has
teamed up with the renowned Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to
put in place CO2e reduction targets for its supply chain,
production and use phase as part of its drive to achieve climate
neutrality. At the heart of the company’s ambitious sustainability
goals is the aim of cutting CO2 emissions by 40 per cent
per vehicle across the entire value chain by 2030, compared with the
figure from 2019. At the same time, the BMW Group is pursuing the
objective of full climate neutrality throughout the value chain by
2050 at the latest.

Exterior design. 
Striking visual cues point the way to
captivating dynamics.

Sporting potency and elegance are the key themes reflected with
authenticity in the design of the BMW 4 Series models. Precise
modifications to their exterior visuals enable the new BMW 4 Series
Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible to express their unique
characters even more clearly. The new features sharpen the profile of
the two models and provide eye-catching pointers to their captivating
dynamics, exclusivity and technological advances.

With their distinctive lines and clean surface treatment in the
brand’s modern design language, the coupé and convertible members of
the BMW 4 Series line-up exude driving pleasure and inimitable style.
The features of the optional M Sport package add further punch to the
cars’ dynamic appearance. They include a diffuser element in the lower
section of the rear bumper, which is now painted in Black high-gloss.
In addition, the exhaust tailpipes integrated into the rear apron on
the left and right have grown from 90 millimetres to 100 millimetres
in diameter. As an extension to the M Sport package, customers can
also order their cars with the M Sport package Pro and M Carbon
exterior package.

Newly designed headlights, innovative Laserlight rear lights.

Design cues specific to the BMW 4 Series include the visually
powerful front end shaped by slim LED headlights and a vertically
arranged BMW kidney grille. The air intakes of the strikingly
forward-angled grille have a mesh structure, both in standard form and
if the M Sport package is specified. Their surround now comes in matt chrome.

The new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible also
feature visually and functionally upgraded headlights. The LED units
in their inner workings, which provide all the light functions, have
been redesigned and have a new structure. Low and high beam are
generated from a single LED module. And a pair of vertical and subtly
arrow-shaped LED units house the side light, daytime driving light and
turn signal indicator functions. The technically focused look of the
new light sources gives the headlights a high-quality and progressive appearance.

Adaptive LED Headlights with non-dazzling matrix high beam are
available as an option. They can be identified by blue inlays and
include urban lights and a cornering light function. The prism
structure of the LED units for the urban lights provides a striking
contrast against the uniform illumination of the daytime driving light units.

Also offered as part of the M Sport package Pro and if the Adaptive
LED Headlights are specified are M Shadowline lights with dark inner
accents. If the optional Comfort Access is fitted, the headlights
generate a Welcome Light Animation once the driver and vehicle key
come within three metres of the car.

Examples of the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series
Convertible specified with Adaptive LED Headlights are also fitted
with super-expressive Laserlight rear lights. This model-specific
version of an innovative lighting effect employs a technology first
seen in the BMW M4 CSL high-performance special edition produced in a
limited run of 1,000 examples. Here, laser diodes each illuminate a
fibre optic bundle, giving the rear units an intricate light graphic.
The precise lines of the three-dimensional Laserlight gives these rear
lights – which are making their debut in a volume-produced car – an
exclusive and unmistakable design.

New exterior paint shades and light-alloy wheels.

Customers can give the outside of their new BMW 4 Series Coupé and
new BMW 4 Series Convertible a personal touch with a choice of two
solid and eight metallic paint finishes. Cape York Green metallic and
Fire Red metallic are new additions to the range. And a wide variety
of BMW Individual paint finishes and BMW Individual special paint
finishes are also offered.

Attractive new additions can also be found in the selection of
optional light-alloy wheels. The new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4
Series Convertible are both offered for the first time with three
new 19-inch variants. The new M light-alloy wheels in double-spoke
design can be ordered in either Jet Black or a bi-colour finish. And
the new BMW Individual light-alloy wheels also have a Y-spoke design
and are finished in Midnight Grey.

Interior and equipment.
Progressive style and an aura of
carefully honed refinement.

Standard-fitted sport seats and newly designed steering wheels feed
into the intensity of the driving experience in the new BMW 4 Series
Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible. The large BMW Curved Display
brings a fresh and particularly modern interpretation of the driver
focus for which the brand is renowned. High-quality, meticulously
crafted materials and a new operating concept for ventilation and
climate control systems add to the cockpit’s premium allure. The
modifications carried out to the interior of the new BMW 4 Series
Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible ensure those on board can enjoy
driving pleasure with progressive style and long-distance comfort in
an ambience of carefully honed refinement.

Among the cutting-edge new features is a version of the optionally
available seat surfaces that is making its debut in the new
BMW 4 Series Coupé and is produced using more sustainable methods.
Added to which, new interior trim strips are available for both the
coupé and convertible. And standard specification now also includes
ambient lighting and electrically folding exterior mirrors. The range
of optional equipment has been restructured to enable particularly
targeted individualisation.

New steering wheels with standard gearshift paddles.

The latest-generation steering wheels available for the new BMW 4
Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible stand out with their
modern and sporty design. As standard, the driver will find in front
of them a newly designed sports leather steering wheel with a
polygonal rim and two spokes. The M Sport package now brings an
M leather steering wheel in three-spoke design with a flat-bottomed
rim and a discreet centre marking.

Both versions of the newly designed steering wheels have illuminated
multifunction buttons and gearshift paddles. Now fitted as standard,
the paddles enable particularly swift manual interventions in the gear
selection process and underscore the sharper sporting profile of the
new BMW 4 Series models.

Detail revisions for the instrument panel, digital climate control.

The introduction of the upgraded BMW iDrive with QuickSelect also
brings improved operation of the ventilation and climate control
functions in the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and in the new
BMW 4 Series Convertible. This is a prime example of advanced
digitalisation at work and enables a further reduction in the number
of physical buttons and controls in the cockpit. Temperature
selection, intensity of ventilation and – if the relevant features are
specified – seat and steering wheel heating can now be adjusted by
touch via the BMW Curved Display or by voice command with the help of
the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. New adjustment controls for
the air vent grilles in the centre of the instrument panel and on the
driver’s and front passenger side of the cockpit allow the direction
of airflow to be adjusted using rotating and tilting movements.
Specifying optional Sensatec trim for the instrument panel means
customers will now find a further refined surface structure which
further highlights the interior’s modern premium ambience.

The standard ambient lighting in the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new
BMW 4 Series Convertible now also includes contour lighting integrated
into the trim around the central seam vents. Like the lighting for the
footwells, the storage compartment in the front section of the centre
console and the door openers, this can be adjusted for colour and
brightness according to personal preference. Users can choose from
nine colours. The functionality of the interior lighting also includes
an atmospheric Welcome and Goodbye Animation and light signals
indicating an open door or incoming phone call.

Premiere for M Performtex seat covers in the new BMW 4 Series Coupé.

The standard-fit sport seats combine with interior surfaces in
Sensatec perforated. The Vernasca leather trim with decorative
quilting available as an option for the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and for
the new BMW 4 Series Convertible is now also offered in the new
bi-colour variant Black/Red. And both models can also be specified
with BMW Individual Merino leather trim in three colours.

When ordered with the M Sport package or in M Performance form, the
new BMW 4 Series Coupé comes with seat surfaces in black M Performtex.
Making its debut in a BMW model, this velours covering combines high
material quality and a sporty design with low weight and a
sustainability-optimised production method.

New interior trim strips, exclusive touches with CraftedClarity.

The selection of available interior trim strips has also been
extensively revised, with Dark Graphite matt now standard
specification for the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series
Convertible. The M Sport package includes interior trim strips in
Aluminium Rhombicle Anthracite. Also on the options list are Fineline
Light open-pored and Grey Blue Ash open-pored fine-wood trim, and M
interior trim carbon fibre.

The use of extremely high-quality materials also allows distinctive
touches to be included in other areas of the interior to enhance its
modern premium character. Electroplated applications for the control
panel in the doors, which includes the window controls and locking
switch, are available for the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and the new BMW 4
Series Convertible. And customers can also specify CraftedClarity
glass applications – another new addition to the options list. These
give the gear selector lever, BMW iDrive Controller and Start/Stop
button a particular air of exclusivity, both visually and in how they
feel to the touch.

Powertrain and driving experience.
Powerful, efficient
and supremely assured.

The line-up of powertrains for the new BMW 4 Series range comprises
powerful and highly efficient petrol and diesel engines featuring
BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and electrification in the form of 48V
mild hybrid technology. All the drive units deliver an exceptional
blend of sporting driving pleasure and fuel economy, all are part of
the current modular generation of Efficient Dynamics engines and all
are mated to an eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission as standard.
The shift paddles on the steering wheel, which also come as standard
in the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible, allow
quick manual interventions in the gear selection process, adding to
the dynamic driving experience.

Straight-six engines can be found under the bonnet of the M
Performance versions in both model series (see separate chapter), as
well as in the new BMW 430d xDrive Coupé and BMW 430d Convertible,
whose diesel unit has an output of 210 kW/286 hp. The line-up also
includes two four-cylinder petrol engines developing 135 kW/184 hp and
180 kW/245 hp respectively and a 140 kW/190 hp four-cylinder diesel.
The engine’s power is fed to the road via either classical rear-wheel
drive or the BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, depending
on the model variant.

Mild hybrid technology optimises power delivery and efficiency.

All the six-cylinder in-line engines available for the new BMW 4
Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible, as well as the
four-cylinder diesel unit, come with 48V mild hybrid technology for
sharper power delivery and greater efficiency. The auxiliary electric
drive takes the form of a 48V starter generator and makes output of
8 kW/11 hp instantly available in response to the slightest movement
of the accelerator. This electric boost enhances the drive system’s
dynamic response when accelerating off the line and putting in
mid-range bursts of speed. The electric drive unit also assists the
engine when travelling at a constant speed, allowing it to operate
within an efficiency-optimised load range as often as possible.

The mild hybrid system additionally allows the use of electric power
recuperated via Brake Energy Regeneration and stored in a 48V battery.
The energy harvested efficiently in this way is not only used for the
auxiliary electric drive, but also fed to the 12V electrical system
with the help of a voltage transformer. This allows the vehicle’s
electrical consumers to be operated even more efficiently.

Bespoke chassis technology for a sporty driving experience.

Excellent body rigidity, intelligent lightweight design, 50 : 50
weight distribution and optimised aerodynamic properties provide an
ideal basis for endowing the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW
4 Series Convertible with remarkably agile and dynamic handling
abilities. This is further helped by sophisticated chassis technology
that has been tuned precisely for the weight spread at hand.

Lift-related dampers refine the balance between captivating sporting
prowess and superb long-distance comfort. Various options are
available for customising the car’s character, including M Sport
suspension, adaptive M suspension with variable sport steering, and
M Sport brakes.

Wide variety of systems for automated driving and parking.

The range of systems for automated driving and parking is just as
extensive. The new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible
are fitted as standard with the front collision warning system with
brake intervention, Cruise Control with brake function, Speed Limit
Info with no-overtaking indicator, manual Speed Limit Assist and Lane
Departure Warning with lane return. The standout optional extra is the
Driving Assistant Professional package comprising the Steering and
Lane Control Assistant, Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go
function, automatic Speed Limit Assist, route speed control and
traffic light recognition.

Park Distance Control with sensors at both the front and rear is also
part of standard specification. The Parking Assistant, likewise
standard, enables automated manoeuvring into and out of parking
spaces, as well as featuring a Reversing Assist Camera and the
Reversing Assistant. There is also the option of the Parking Assistant
Plus with Park View, Panorama View and Remote 3D View functions.

The M Performance models in the new BMW 4 Series range.

Distinctive characters top the model range.

The new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible range is
spearheaded by elite sporting models cast in the familiar M mould. The
performance cars from BMW M GmbH showcase the dynamic potential woven
into the vehicle concepts of the BMW 4 Series range to highly
impressive effect. Extremely powerful six-cylinder in-line engines, a
bespoke chassis set-up and signature M design cues both inside and out
mark them out as a proposition apart.

The M Performance models in the BMW 4 Series are available with both
petrol and diesel engines, each with a displacement of 3.0 litres.
The M-typical performance attributes of these straight-six units are
underpinned by, among other things, the latest M TwinPower Turbo
technology – which is tailored individually to the engine at hand.
Another shared feature is the 48V mild hybrid technology, whose output
of 8 kW/11 hp produces an electric boost effect that gives the engines
even sharper response.

The six-cylinder in-line petrol engine in the BMW M440i xDrive Coupé
and BMW M440i xDrive Convertible generates maximum output of
275 kW/374 hp and peak torque of 500 Nm (369 lb-ft). The BMW
M440d xDrive Coupé and BMW M440d xDrive Convertible, meanwhile, are
powered by a straight-six diesel unit that produces maximum output of
250 kW/340 hp and peak torque of 700 Nm (516 lb-ft). M Sport
suspension with variable sport steering can be found on the standard
equipment list for the range-topping models, along with an eight-speed
Steptronic Sport transmission with an ultra-sharp shift action,
M Sport brakes and the M Sport differential.

New-look BMW kidney grille, black tailpipe finishers as standard.

An array of select design flourishes announces the dynamic character
of the M Performance models even more vividly. For instance, the new
edition of these models features a BMW kidney grille with a surround
in Black high-gloss and horizontally arranged bars adorned by an M
logo. All the front apron elements that were previously finished in
Cerium Grey now come in Black high-gloss. As a result, the models’
appearance when viewed from the front recalls the design of the BMW M4
high-performance sports cars to an even greater extent.

At the rear end of the M Performance models, trapezoidal tailpipe
trim signals the presence of the ultra-potent power unit under the
bonnet. They are now in Black high-gloss as standard, meaning that all
elements of the M High-gloss Shadowline trim option are already
included in the standard specification of these models.

Exclusive touches: M exterior mirror caps, carbon fibre diffuser.

Another design element from the BMW M4 range has been incorporated
into the flanks of the latest M Performance models from the
BMW 4 Series, with M exterior mirrors in twin-stalk design included as
a standard feature.

The optional M Carbon exterior package comprises exterior mirror caps
and inserts for the outer air intakes made from carbon
fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The new BMW 4 Series Coupé also
sports a carbon-fibre Gurney lip rear spoiler. This optional extra
also adds a carbon-fibre diffuser in the lower section of the rear
apron that is exclusive to the M Performance models.

Heightened sports car ambience in the cabin.

Sport seats trimmed in the new M Performtex upholstery for Coupé
models and Vernasca leather for the Convertible, interior trim
elements in Aluminium Rhombicle Anthracite, M door sill trim,
M pedals, an M driver’s footrest and M-specific graphics for the BMW
Curved Display characterise the distinctive aura inside the M
Performance models. M Sport seats trimmed in Vernasca leather can be
specified as an option for the range-topping versions of the new BMW
4 Series Coupé and are available in a choice of Black with blue
contrast quilting or the new Black/Coral Red bi-colour finish.

A new version of the M leather steering wheel turns up the sports car
feel inside the flagship models another notch. Its flat-bottomed rim,
red centre marker and contrast stitching in BMW M GmbH colours help to
make the driving experience aboard the M Performance models in the new
BMW 4 Series range even more engaging.

Display and control/operation system, connectivity.
new BMW Operating System 8.5 and innovative digital services.

The advances made in terms of digitalisation in the latest edition of
the BMW 4 Series are also clear to see. This is mainly thanks to the
upgraded BMW iDrive display and control/operation system with
QuickSelect based on BMW Operating System 8.5. In order to provide
intuitive, easy control of numerous functions along with
to innovative digital services, the latest-generation BMW iDrive
system fitted in the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and the new BMW 4 Series
Convertible features a new-look home screen and QuickSelect rapid
access tech, bringing an improved menu structure that takes its cue
from consumer electronics devices.

The enhanced BMW iDrive featuring QuickSelect is packaged together
with the BMW Curved Display and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant,
meaning it has been carefully geared to operation using the
touchscreen and natural language. The control/operation system in the
new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible additionally
comprises multifunction buttons on the steering wheel and, as an
option, the BMW Head-Up Display. The new BMW iDrive helps to deliver a
focused, assured driving experience by showing the right information
in the right place.

BMW iDrive with QuickSelect: functions shown on a single level
and selectable with rapid-access tech.

The new BMW Operating System 8.5 home screen continuously displays
the navigation system’s map view or other individually configurable
graphics on the control display. On the same level, widgets appear in
a vertical arrangement on the driver’s side of the display. Drivers
can switch between them with a vertical swipe of the finger. The
QuickSelect feature allows the function selected in this way to be
activated directly without having to enter a submenu. And once the
relevant settings have been chosen, a quick tap on the home icon at
the lower edge of the control display is all it takes to return to the
home screen. Icons for direct access to the climate control menu, All
Apps menu and, if activated, Apple CarPlay® and Android
Auto™ can also now be found next to the home icon.

The new flat menu structure makes it much easier to activate the
desired functions and settings. The digital content – just like the
hardware in the form of the BMW Curved Display – is designed to
enhance the driver focus for which BMW is renowned.

BMW Maps navigation system now with Augmented View.

The cloud-based BMW Maps navigation system forms part of the standard
BMW Live Cockpit Plus. Following the introduction of BMW Operating
System 8.5 in the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series
Convertible, the system now makes it even easier to input destinations
and can offer additional information while driving.

Another new feature is the Augmented View function which, like the
BMW Head-Up Display, is available by specifying the optional BMW Live
Cockpit Professional. This supplements the navigation system’s map
display by showing a live video stream of the driver’s view on the
control display or instrument cluster and augmenting it with tips and
information to match the context. At confusing junctions, for
instance, an animated directional arrow is integrated into the video
image to help the driver take the best turn-off for the planned route.
The Augmented View function can also come to the driver’s aid when
searching for a parking spot by showing supplementary information.

Personalisation using the BMW ID and My BMW App.

Drivers of the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series
Convertible will also find it easier to use their BMW ID to
personalise the user experience. In future, signing in to the vehicle
by using a smartphone to scan a QR code is all it will take to import
the customer’s personal profile, load synchronisable settings and
automatically link the key detected in the vehicle with the BMW ID.

The vehicle is also added to the My BMW App without the customer
having to do anything. Available free of charge from the app stores
for both iOS and Android, the My BMW App acts as a universal digital
interface that provides information at any time on the vehicle’s
status, for example, its remaining range and any servicing and
maintenance requirements. Depending on the car’s specification, it
also enables remote operation of functions such as locating the
vehicle, locking and unlocking the doors or monitoring the car’s
immediate vicinity and interior with Remote View. The My BMW app can
additionally be used to send destination addresses from a smartphone
to the vehicle’s navigation system. The My Trips feature including
Efficiency Trainer and monthly review provides the user with data and
evaluations for distances travelled, fuel consumption and average speed.

Optimum connectivity with Personal eSIM and 5G mobile standard.

Customers of the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and the news
BMW 4 Series Convertible can activate the Personal eSIM as standard,

in addition to the vehicle’s built-in mobile SIM. This enables
the vehicle to use the 5G mobile communications standard. The Personal
eSIM allows the customer to use the communications and connectivity
functions covered by their mobile contract from their car with ease –
even in situations where they don’t have their smartphone with them.
This also includes data streaming via the WiFi hotspot.

A low-radiation connection to the vehicle’s exterior antenna is used
for making phone calls and streaming data via the Personal eSIM. All
phone functions can be operated with the BMW iDrive system or the BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant. The Personal eSIM can be used in all
countries where BMW Connected Drive services are available. It extends
the customer’s existing mobile phone contract, which may result in
additional costs.

Parking fees and fuel bills can be paid directly from the vehicle.

In many European countries, the BMW ID allows drivers of the new
BMW 4 Series Coupé and BMW 4 Series Convertible to pay parking fees
directly from their vehicle. The vehicle automatically detects whether
the service is available upon arrival in a parking zone and displays
the payment function if the zone is covered by one of the linked
providers. The parking booking can be paid quickly and simply using
the credit card registered in the My BMW App. The booking ends
automatically when the vehicle exits the parking space again.

And drivers in Germany also have the option of settling fuel bills
digitally from their car as soon as they have refuelled at
participating filling stations. As with the parking fee payment
service, this is done using the credit card information first
registered in the vehicle apps.

BMW M Performance Parts.
Fuelled by proven expertise in
the world of motor sport.

More than ever, the inimitable combination of driving pleasure and
elegantly sporty design presented by the new BMW 4 Series models sets
them apart from the crowd in the premium segment of the midsize class.
The vehicle concept underpinning the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new
BMW 4 Series Convertible offers extraordinary potential for delivering
superior driving characteristics. And now the latest upgrades for the
exterior and interior are available to showcase their dynamic
character with even greater intensity. Alongside the M Sport package,
M Sport package Pro and M Carbon exterior package available as
factory-fit options, the items included in the BMW M Performance Parts
range offer further scope for sharpening the profile of the new BMW 4
Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series Convertible in careful detail.

The model-specific retrofit options from the Original BMW Accessories
range were developed using the proven expertise of BMW M GmbH in motor
sport. They underscore the dynamic aura of the new BMW 4 Series Coupé
and new BMW 4 Series Convertible and rise to the technical challenges
presented by the need for lightweight design and aerodynamics. With
exclusive design, high-class materials and top-notch quality, these
items for the exterior, chassis and cockpit go the extra mile to
transfer the feel of the race track to the road.

Among the items available to imbue the cars with race-inspired looks
are the M Performance front ornamental grille carbon fibre and the M
Performance side sill attachment part carbon fibre. The light-alloy
wheels available for the new BMW 4 Series Coupé and new BMW 4 Series
Convertible likewise enhance their visual exclusivity and can be
ordered in 18-inch or 19-inch format. Also offered are 20-inch M
Performance forged wheels. With their weight-reduced construction and
fitment with mixed-size/sports tyres for optimised transfer of
cornering forces, they also enhance the dynamic performance of the
cars. Interior equipment highlights include the M Performance seat
back pans in Alcantara/carbon fibre, the M Performance interior trim
strips carbon fibre and the M Performance door sill trim carbon fibre.


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