Top 10 Only in Dade Miami Car Incidents of The Year (So Far)


You want some real knee-slapping, car-centric hijinks? Look no further, my friend! We’ve gathered the most wild and wacky car mishap moments we could find, all from the Miami Dade area. Give it up for the @OnlyinDade Instagram page, providing the content that made this story a reality. You’re in for a treat, folks!

So if you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned car related carnage, let’s take a look of the Top 10 Only in Dade Miami Car Incidents!


The individual observed in this vicinity struggles to control their urge to use the restroom, and he proves without a doubt that it truly is indeed, impossible to ignore the call of Nature!

That white Mustang door was the perfect sneaky cover for this guy’s bathroom break. Phew, what a close call from the public eye!


Getting lost in a big city is easy even with a waypoint or GPS. However, sometimes the best things to do are the simplest and you might miss the mundane, so, if you miss your destination just turn into incoming traffic and see what happens.

As one too many comments would say, “BMW Drivers…”


There’s nothing quite like starting or ending your workday on the road with good ol’ mashed potatoes, made fresh and served up with a side of asphalt flavor. After all, nothing comes close to the taste of authentic street-style cuisine, prepared right there on the road for your dining pleasure!

Anyone order street-style papas? ?


Huge props to the geniuses at Rockstar for giving us a sneak peek of GTA 6 set in Miami… or was it just another average day in “Vice City”.

First things first, yes, that’s definitely a plane..


Said no one ever. Is it just me or was this totally avoidable?

Not gonna lie, if I saw that happening, I would have jumped out of my car in a heartbeat to give them a heads up. I mean, seriously, how could you just stand there and record it instead of doing something? It’s a total bummer how people act these days…


Hey, who are we to judge? If you got to skitch to get where you’re going on time, more power to you! Maybe you’re rushing to a job interview or a meeting with the President. Just one teensy little detail to keep in mind, one misstep and it’s goodbye cruel world. But hey, no pressure or anything.



Lemme tell ya somethin’, you know what’s better than a car wash? A frickin’ free car wash, that’s what! All ya gotta do is drive your ride straight into a canal or river. The only downside? Oh, yeah, your car won’t work anymore. But hey, at least you saved a few bucks, right?

One commenter said “sorry sir, you can’t park here”, Good one.


Listen up, you can try to strip a Miami driver of their identity, but it ain’t gonna happen. I mean, just take it from the one and only DJ Khaled, always dropping gems of wisdom. Life has roadblocks, don’t let nothing stop you, coz we ain’t stoppin’ we gon keep going! Couldn’t have said it better myself, folks!


Nothing worse than trying to have a nice evening picnic then being rudely interrupted by incoming cars, oh wait you’re having it on the middle of the road? You really can’t have nice things in this part of town…

And that ladies and gentlemen is your Top 10 Only in Dade Miami Car Incidents of The Year (So Far). 2023 has just begun and it’s only gonna get crazier!


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