Hyundai Mobis Peeks Into The Future At 2022 CES®


Mobility for tomorrow

CES attendees experienced a metaverse environment immersing them into a vision for the future of mobility.

CES 2022 was a wonderland of vehicle technology, with emphasis on systems and module innovations that will bring safer, cleaner and more efficient mobility, globally.

Hyundai Mobis, is among the world’s largest technology innovators and suppliers for the automotive industry. On the opening day of CES Hyundai Mobis demonstrated the M.Vision POP EV, and the M.Vision 2GO Hydrogen Fuel Cell shared mobility concept vehicles.

Visitors to the Hyundai Mobis exhibit experienced Hyundai Mobis’ e-corner module system, with 90-degree rotation of all four wheels, as well as its communication lighting systems and cargo storage innovations, both in live action and through a virtual showroom. The Hyundai Mobis exhibit’s smash hit was its metaverse experience, named JOYTOWN, which gave visitors an interactive “test drive” experience with the M.Vision POP and M.Vision 2GO concepts vehicles in real-life situations.

“It’s exciting to see the faces of those that visit our booth light up as they see their avatars enter a M.Vision POP or M.Vision 2GO and navigate our JOYTOWN metaverse,” said Hyundai Mobis Vice President of Communication, Jin-ho Park. “The vehicle technologies we are demonstrating at CES will help our OEM and technology partners achieve their future mobility goals, and it’s an honor to play a key role in that process.”

Hyundai Mobis says that their mission is to become a lifelong technology partner for vehicles and people. The company has outstanding expertise in sensors, sensor fusion in ECUs and software development for safety control. The company’s products also include various components for electrification, brakes, chassis and suspension, steering, airbags, lighting and automotive electronics.


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