Update: 2021’s Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles: An Unprecedented Top 5



Interestingly (and a rather rare occurrence), as we close 2021, the latest annual sales figures show SUVs and Pickups elbowing out traditional winners like the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry. While the mighty Ford F-150 heads the pack again, other spots on the leaderboard have changed for 2021.

Also of note, the best-selling automobiles in the U.S. are all familiar names. However, lately some of their faces have changed. Many models have either been completely redesigned or undergone a mid-generation refresh in the last 18 months.


No. 10 – Toyota Highlander     144,380 sold in 2021

The Highlander has come a long way from its rough-and-tumble roots. It is now refined and yes, luxurious. It is the top-selling three-row SUV, delivering roomy first- and second-row passenger space — designed with enough cargo space for a shopping spree. Elegant design, Toyota attention to engineering makes the Highlander an industry best-seller. Toyota sold 144,380 in 2021 to date.

No. 9 – Honda Civic     152,956 sold in 2021

Honda’s magical Civic (seems like everyone you know had one), known for reliability but not acclaimed for head-turning style or interior luxury. The redesigned 2022 Civic includes a sleeker exterior, featuring a sleek new interior and more powerful engine that makes the Civic a nimble, fun-to-drive compact. The Civic is powered by a 158-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder or a turbocharged 1.5-liter that delivers up to 180 horsepower. Honda loaded up the 2021 Civic with some standard driver-assistance features, including adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist.

No. 8 – Toyota Corolla     155,531 sold in 2021

One of the industry’s best selling vehicles since its introduction, the Corolla is always neck-and-neck with the Honda Civic in terms of sales. While almost identical to the 2020 model., which saw the introduction of the Corolla Apex trim, which adds a few performance enhancements, plus some cosmetic features that are exclusive to that trim. Today’s Corolla is a blast to drive, tight and responsive — and ultra reliable.


No. 7 – Toyota Camry      177,671 sold in 2021

The Camry is the holy grail of used cars — reliable, well engineered and built. Toyota has built a reputation for reliability with the Camry. For 2021, the Camry saw some minor styling updates inside and out — a restyled the front bumper and grille, interior upgrades and a standard power increase. While the Camry is a best-seller, Toyota’s looking over their shoulder at tough competition from the Kia K5, Honda Accord and Mazda 6.



No. 6 – Nissan Rogue     182,288 sold in 2021

Nissan hit a home run with the Rogue — it is the carmaker’s best-selling vehicle. Nissan combines comfort, convenience and quality — and pricing is very competitive with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. The two-row SUV features desirable technology including adaptive cruise control with available navigation-linked speed control.

No. 5 – Honda CR-V      213,199 sold in 2021

Filling the gap between the smaller HR-V and the larger Pilot, the CR-V is perfectly designed and appointed for its class. Honda rivals the competitors in fuel-efficiency, comfort, cargo space and practicality. And it runs and runs. It’s a reliable machine.

No. 4 – Toyota RAV4      221,195 sold in 2021

The top dog in the midsize SUV business. The RAV4 built a youthful spunk into the RAV4. The Toyota RAV4 has traditionally held the top spot in the best-selling SUV rankings and 2021 is no exception. Toyota RAV4’s refined interior, remarkable fuel economy, and well-balanced performance once again outruns Honda and Nissan.


No. 3 – Chevrolet Silverado        291,322 sold in 2021

In the era of pick-up domination, Chevy fans will disdain the notion that their beloved Silverado slips to third in sales behind the RAM and mighty Ford F-150. And while the Silverado for 2021 is a masterfully built pickup, Ford’s new F-150 Lightning EV is on the way and that could change the game. Kudos to Chevy for the Multi-Flex tailgate, and a new camera tech, additional standard features, and new option packages.

No. 2- Ram Pickup       313,069 sold in 2021

The Ram has clawed its way into the top 2 spot with some spectacular trucks. The pickup truck sales roster is made up of the Ram 1500, Ram 1500 Classic, Ram 2500 and Ram 3500. Its potent engine lineup includes V6, V8, and diesel options, and a new high-performance TRX model. The RAM secret? An intense focus on delivering the smoothest ride in the class, and creating an interior that eclipses Ford and Chevy.

No. 1 – Ford F-Series       362,032 sold in 2021

Ford must not get sick of winning — the F-Series has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades. Sales of the F-Series are divided between the F-150 and Super Duty models. The F-150 was completely redesigned for the 2021 model year while the Super Duty hasn’t had any mechanical changes but Ford is offering new feature availability and exterior paint colors.


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