Fiery Accident at NW 36 St and 42nd Avenue (Le Jeune Rd) in Miami


In the early morning hours of August 16, 2021, an SUV headed south on Le Jeune Road was struck by a red light runner heading eastbound on NW 36th Street in Miami, Florida (near the Miami International Airport).

The vehicle that ran the red light miraculously drove in between two cars stopped on the eastbound lanes of NW 36th Street. However, the luck ran out when the vehicle struck an innocent driver of the SUV that was heading north.

Passersby stopped to give aid to the occupants of both vehicles. However, it was the vehicle that ran the red light that immediately caught on fire as a result of the collision. The good samaritans were able to remove the occupants from the vehicle that was on fire and pull them to safety before the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames.

There were no fatalities, but multiple serious injuries were reported.

Video was provided courtesy of the City of Miami Springs Police Department’s Red Light Cameras.


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