Miami Police Get a Custom Avorza Polaris Slingshot Police Car


The City of Miami Police Department acquired a distinct police ride designed to attract and invite interaction with residents.  The vehicle is a one of a kind Avorza Polaris Slingshot customized by the folks at “The Auto Firm.”  It’s fully loaded with lights and sirens.  Check out the video below:

Here are the video notes as as posted on YouTube:

Avorza Polaris Slingshot Police Car done for the City of Miami Police Department by Alex Vega at The Auto Firm… This Car was Donated By Polaris Slingshot, all Police lights and siren was donated by Whelen, and all the Custom work was donated by The Auto Firm… The City of Miami Police Department wanted to create a car that would attract people to come and interact with their Police Officers. Having a Brother, a Niece and many personal friends in the Miami Police Department, it was an Honor for me to be part of this great idea. I accept the fact that there are Bad Cops out there, but there are also many dedicated Cops that will put their own lives on the line to protect us. As a Citizen I am doing my part and taking advantage of this great opportunity in a positive way to help bring our Officers and Comunity together. Thank you to Polaris Slingshot, Whelen, and Avorza for donating everything to make this project possible. Last I want to make it clear that this was a 100% Donation to the City of Miami Police, and there was not one dollar used from tax payers money.


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