Car Wrecks Into Classic Miami Dealership


A driver runs off I-95 and crashes into classic cars for sale at Ted Vernon’s Specialty Automobile dealership. WSVN posted the exclusive video on YouTube showing the moment a vehicle slams into some of Ted Vernon’s classic automobiles as the vehicle loses control off of I-95.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, although the crash resulted in thousands in property damage.  Plus, the driver and the passenger reportedly left without calling the police or contacting the dealership.

Ted Vernon became a household name with the TV Show “South Beach Classics.”  If you never watched the show, here’s a YouTube video covering some of the Best of “South Beach Classics” from season 4.

Ted Vernon’s Specialty Automobiles is located at 8301 NW 7th Avenue in Miami.  Basically, it’s at I-95 and NW 79th Street.  If that location seems familiar it’s because that used to be the location of the old Miami Lincoln Mercury Dealership years ago.

You can shop Ted Vernon’s automotive inventory at:



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