Infographic: Ford, Toyota Sales Dip Big: We compare last month vs. same month last year.


2022’s False Start for Ford, Toyota and others, YOY vs 2021

Two of the world’s largest automakers — and two of its sterling brands — Toyota and Ford have emerged from recent months limping and battered, with crushingly low sales results. These two brands have seen declines in certain model sales. And while Ford and Toyota took heavy body blows, not all automakers were immune. Honda, Subaru, Hyundai, Acura and Kia all had winning and losing models. For Ford, it was largely fueled by disappointing sales of its flagship product, the F-150 Pickup. For Toyota, it was the beloved Camry that took the hardest blow for the brand which also saw losses for its Tacoma, Corolla and RAV-4 models. While most of Honda’s lineup were up or even YOY, the normally top-selling CR-V SUV experienced a massive decline YOY for the period, down 49%.

Availability, price, COVID or a crippling chip shortage — take your pick, or all of the above. Here’s how Ford and Toyota (along with a few “outlier” losers YEAR OVER YEAR March 2021 vs March 2022.


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