New: F-150x Nuclear Edition

The world's first all-nuclear vehicle!

  • Unlimited Range.  Self-Charging.
  • Titanium-Shielded Nuclear Core.
  • Produces 1300 HP and 2,000lb ft of Torque!
  • 0-60mph in under 4 seconds

April 1, 2022 – Detroit, Michigan
Ford Motor Company announced today the release date for its all-new NUCLEAR-POWERED F-150 pickup truck series. Known as the “F-150x,” this new vehicle will be powered solely by a small nuclear reactor, which will be encased in a titanium shell which cannot be breached.

This new technology mates the power of an F-150 Lightning with the limitless range of Nuclear power.  In other words, tons of torque.  Great acceleration.  And limitless range. The nuclear powered motor will produce an other-worldly 1300 horsepower and an estimated 2,000 lb ft of torque available instantly.


The F-150x reactor uses no plutonium — instead it uses CO2 and (believe it or not) the hydrogen within water molecules to create the nuclear reaction.  This technology will revolutionize mobility for ever.  But it also has implications for air travel, ocean travel, and even the military.  The unlimited range is only limited by the wear and tear on the tires and brakes.  You do have to refill the water reservoir once every 10,000 miles for the hydrogen reaction.  The CO2 is scrubbed the air.

“We were fooling around with nuclear fission one day and came up with the idea,” said Walter Roofy, Project Leader for the F-150x project. “We accidentally replaced plutonium with CO2, hydro-di-oxygen, and a quart of Nutella to produce the fuel — and the F-150x produces NO radiation and leaves no fallout!”

Of course, this new technology still needs to clear regulatory hurdles from the EPA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.   And while the F-150 platform has been proven safe in terms of crash safety, it will have to go even more rigorous testing to ensure the Nuclear football encased in titanium is never crushed or breached.

Ford has set a goal to get approvals over the next 6 months as the company ramps up production.  They expect to begin taking orders in about 6 months with deliveries ready by April 1, 2023.  NOTE:  By law, Ford cannot export these to Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Iran, China, or Russia.


Ford has kept mum on pricing, but the rumors are that the vehicle will start at around $150,000.  Obviously, it’s a steep price, but you’re talking about a vehicle that never needs gas or electric charging.  You’re talking about adding water every 10,000 miles and wear and tear on tires and brakes.  Also, as with all new technologies, the first adopters may pay more, but over time, the pricing will decrease.

What do you think?  Would you pay $150,000 Ford F-150X Nuclear?

Would you feel safe in a Nuclear powered truck?


If you take extra care and notice that this article was published on April 1, 2022.  In North America, this date is also associated April Fools’ Day, a day of pranks, tricks, and fun stories.  Obviously, Ford has not announced a Nuclear powered F-150, but it would be kind of cool, albeit, incredibly dangerous.  Hope you guys enjoyed it.


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