Infographic: Q3 2022 vs Q3 2021: A Critical Quarter’s Winners and Losers


As economic concerns deepen and supply chain woes lag, 2022 auto brands struggle to win year over year

Q3 Results Year Over Year: 2021 vs 2022 — The Winners and Losers. Another challenging year for automakers, with big brands fighting for each and every sale as the industry changes. GM led the way with an impressive 21.35% growth — with 182,393 unit sales for Q3 2022, up from 150,298 in Q3 2021.

But following GM — it seems they may have swept up all the Q3 sales — Toyota was down minimally, at just 2.70% — 141,265 units for 2022. Big winners include Tesla, Daimler and BMW — although lower numbers that Ford, GM et al.

What will Q4 look like? It will be interesting. Stay tuned.


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