REPORT: Braman and Palm Beach Imports Fight BMW Over Incentive Program


An article published by, details the multi-year battle brewing between Braman Motors, Inc. Palm Beach Motors, Inc., who are the plaintiffs in this case and both operate BMW Dealerships and the manufacturer, BMW.

Braman BMW on Biscayne Boulevard
Braman BMW on Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida

The crux of the suit is that the two South Florida BMW dealers allege that BMW forced them to use an incentive program that was ultimately more costly than beneficial.

Plaintiffs claims listed in the article include:

  • BMW incentive program cut into profits
  • BMW forced them to transfer cars that weren’t selling well into demos and loaners to inflate sales numbers.
  • Incentive programs that were “unreasonable” and “violated the Florida Dealer Act.”

According to the report, BMW countered that there was no coercion…Only financial offers that were allegedly readily accepted.

BMW also claims that the dealers did not lose money from these programs.

NOTE:  The lawsuit has been going back and forth since 2017.

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