Miami’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections: New 2021 Survey

  "Miami's dubious distinction: fatalities due to traffic collisions are one of the highest in the nation." Miami's Top 5 most dangerous intersections 2021. Miami is a driver's paradise. Year-round top-down weather. A showplace for the world's...

Blockbuster RIVIAN IPO

UPDATE: November 11, 2021: RIVIAN's stock soars.  The stock closed yesterday at $100.73.  As of this morning's update, it's trading at $110.92.  This puts RIVIAN's market cap ahead of General Motors and Ford.  It also...

6 Ways to Sell More Cars in Miami

Every new car and used car dealership is looking at ways to attract more customers and sell more cars.  Below we're sharing tips to help you sell more cars. Seems pretty straightforward.   You take the...
2006 FORD F-SERIES (Most Stolen in Florida)

Most Stolen Cars in Florida

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) released its annual Hot Wheels report that identifies the top 10 most stolen vehicles in the United States and the Top 10 most stolen vehicles by state.  The report...
Miami Supercar Rooms

Miami International Auto Show Returns this Weekend: Oct 16 – 24

The Miami International Auto Show, the largest auto show in South Florida, comes back to the Miami Beach Convention Center this weekend.   The show, which is recognized as one of the largest and most...

New Data: Pickup Sales Q3 2021 vs Q3 2020: Only 2 models beat last...

Q3 2021 dystopia: 15 pickup models surveyed -- just two beat Q3 2020 numbers -- Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator. Q3 2021 has been a tough three months for pickup manufacturers, and the big nameplates...

SEMA 2021 Highlights

The SEMA automotive aftermarket show is back this year after the COVID hiatus.  And there are tons of amazing vehicles to share.  Yeah, we know.  This show's in Vegas and not in Miami, but...

Congress mandate: New cars must include “sober driver only” technology by 2026

Can technology eliminate drunk driving? Congress says 'it must." Congress is getting serious, they've issued a tough mandate: "You've got five years to develop anti-drunk driving technology and implement it in every new car made." Congress...

NEW DATA: Auto sales Q3 2021 vs Q3 2020: The YOY winners and losers

A short list of winners, dominated by luxury brands We'll look back on 2020 as a turbulent year in the automobile business -- and while some carmakers have championed through the troubled waters with higher...

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